Sheep and Goat IFS Strategic Plan

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This page contains the strategic plan for the Sheep and Goat Industry Funding Scheme Management Committee. This strategic plan was endorsed by the Committee in March 2020.

Purpose of the Committee (Vision)

  • Support a strong biosecurity ethos amongst the Western Australian (WA) sheep and goat industry
  • Administer funding for programs that address key biosecurity issues for the WA sheep and goat industry
  • Ensure sheep and goat biosecurity priorities are addressed to industry expectations

Role of the Committee (Mission)

  • Ensure a transparent, collaborative and risk-based approach to implementing the Industry Funding Scheme (IFS)

Goals and strategies of the Committee

Goal 1: WA sheep and goat producers support the IFS, with more than 99 percent of the IFS contributions collected each financial year available to deliver the IFS and its programs

  • Strategy 1.1. Consult annually with the sheep and goat industry on the operation, appropriateness and effectiveness of the IFS
  • Strategy 1.2 Implement the Sheep and Goat IFS communication plan

Goal 2: Industry funds are used to deliver identified biosecurity outcomes, consistent with industry’s pest and disease priorities

  • Strategy 2.1. Use good governance processes in administering the IFS
  • Strategy 2.2. Identify industry’s appetite for funding pest/disease control programs

Criteria for making decisions to invest

  • Program will deliver clear benefits for the WA sheep and goat industry
  • Program addresses a priority (based on identified risk)
  • There is industry support for the program
  • Proponents can demonstrate their capability to undertake the work
  • Opportunities for co-investment are considered

Contact information

Rebecca Heath
+61 (0)8 9690 2171