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The project team is continuing to enhance its agricultural-technology (ag-tech) tools and share them with local growers, showing them first-hand how these specifically-designed tools can assist them in their daily working lives, to improve profitability and efficiency, increase yields and even reduce stress.

The eConnected Grainbelt Project team released its upgraded weather stations application at the 2018 Dowerin Field Days and since that time has released several new and improved versions, including Version 1.5 (see promo video below).

This version is the biggest new release to date and covers a swag of improvements such as - a revised weather legend updated with brighter colours to improve readibility, more details about station outages, the addition of minimum temperature in the past 24 hours and increased capacity to drill down to individual station summaries.

The project's updated weather website provides users with better functionality, aesthetics and usability when compared to the previous site.

The upgraded weather web application now includes an easy-to-read, drop down summary of current data for each of the department’s 186 weather stations and Bureau Of Meteorology (BoM) radar information. Learn more about the Doppler Radars Projects and the data from these radars that is available on the department's weather website. 

The updated dashboard enables farmers, consultants and other users to capture and compare a range of weather data all on one page. This new feature offers the ability to select a range of dates to graph, compare and analyse data.

Enjoy the improved functionality, which makes the site more intuitive and easier to navigate.

To learn more about the latest site, please see the informative videos below, which include a series of FAQ videos to offer users helpful tips when using the upgraded website.

Visit the DPIRD Weather Website.


Video: Navigating the new interface.

Video: How to 'Add DPIRD Weather Website icon to the home screen' (iOS).

Video: How to 'Add DPIRD Weather Website icon to the home screen' (Android).

Video: Using the legend filter menu.

Version 1.5: This release includes many new improvements.

New features: Learn more about the latest features added to the upgraded weather website.

Tutorial video: This is a tutorial video, or a users' guide for the upgraded weather site.

Updated weather website: This video summarises the updated weather stations application.

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