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Page last updated: Monday, 1 July 2019 - 12:19pm

Digital connectivity is integral to the agricultural industry and agribusinesses in the 21st century.

Whether the businesses trade intrastate, interstate or internationally, business owners and operators require reliable, high speed mobile phone and internet connectivity and coverage to remain competitive and stay ahead of the curve.

Over the past few years particularly, connectivity has proven essential in business and it continues to drive our everyday lives. It allows us to contact family, friends and clients around Australia or overseas, and can be an essential part of our downtime, hobbies and all elements in between.

Regional, rural and remote West Australians do not always have access to all of the coveniences, amenties and technologies that their city counterparts take for granted.

The State Government is continuing to ensure that our regional growers, farmers, businesses and residents have access to high quality mobile phone and internet connectivity and coverage.

From autonomous tractors to GPS, the uptake of 'agricultural technology', or ag-tech, is continuing to increase on rural properties every year. 

Farmers are continuing to adopt the latest ag-tech tools, equipment and gadgets, particularly as they learn more about the benefits ag-tech can have on their farming operations and daily lives. 

The eConnected Grainbelt Project team is continuing to raise awareness of the benefits of ag-tech, particularly in terms of how these tools can improve decision-making on farm, leading to improved outcomes. Better decision-making – whether it's when to spray, which crop to plant or checking for optimum soil moisture rates to improve yield rates – can lead to improved profitability, sustainability and even stress reduction for the farmer and farming family. 

eConnected team members are based throughout the State and are assisting people in the regions, right across WA's grainbelt, to access the latest, relevant ag-tech for their needs. The implementation of this type of 'on-farm connectivity' equipment and solutions; and ag-tech tools developed in-house and by third parties, is helping them make vital decisions that are allowing their businesses to grow, become more competitive and successful in today's economic climate.

The growers we work with are proving that on farm, ag-tech can lead to better conditions and myriad benefits. 

This eConnected website portal is intended to be a 'one-stop' solution for your digital connectivity, agricultural technology (ag-tech) and eConnected terminology, links and latest information.