Plant post-entry quarantine (PEQ) services facilitate safe introduction of new germplasm from interstate and overseas.

Adequate supplies of quality stock water are just as important as feed supplies during summer.

When revegetating your property it is important to plan, prepare and monitor your site to ensure you get the most out of it.

Your small scale farming operation may classify you as a primary producer for tax purposes and this can have a significant impact on your tax reporting requirements.

Acidic soils cause significant losses in production, restricting crop and pasture choice. Acidic soil, particularly in the subsurface, will restrict root access to water and nutrients.

The Department of Primary Industries and Regional Development Diagnostic Laboratory Services (DDLS) - Animal Pathology, Western Australia (formerly DAFWA Animal Health Laboratories) provides a vari

A descriptive page about European house borer and its characteristics.

Do you want your small property to be a profit-making rural business or provide a dream lifestyle?

Horse ownership is a popular pursuit for many small landholders.

Hendra virus is an emergency animal disease transmitted to horses by flying foxes (fruit bats).

Strong winds can wreak havoc on crops, pastures, vineyards and orchards causing breakages, fruit fall and sandblasting.

The Department of Agriculture and Food, Western Australia, through Quarantine WA, enforces quarantine laws that must be considered if you plan to move to WA.

Net-type net blotch is a fungal disease that can reduce yield and grain quality of barley crops.

Most canola had acceptable losses prior to harvest, even with delayed harvest.
The greatest proportion of losses occurred at harvest.

Under biosecurity legislation, any item that poses a biosecurity risk should be referred to quarantine inspectors for assessment.

Western Australia remains relatively free of pests and diseases that adversely affect our agricultural industries and environment.

Farmers’ markets are rapidly growing in popularity as an ideal way for small producers to sell their locally produced and value-added products.

Nitrogen (N) deficiency is the most common nutrient deficiency in wheat.

Vaccination is an important control tool in managing infected flocks and high risk areas or enterprises.

Land managers need to know how much water is stored in their dams to manage water supply for livestock, spraying and other uses.

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