Livestock ownership requirements for small landholders

Page last updated: Friday, 1 February 2019 - 12:45pm

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Livestock movement

Any movement of cattle, sheep or goats (one or more animals) between properties with different PICs must be recorded on the NLIS database. Whenever you move livestock (except horses), you need to complete a waybill and send it with the animals. A waybill includes the following information:

  • the date of the movement
  • owner’s name or registered trading name, PIC and physical address of the property where the journey began
  • owner’s registered tattoo number (pigs)
  • name and signature of the person completing the waybill
  • number and description of stock
  • name of consignee and destination physical address, including their PIC
  • the carrier’s details and signature and vehicle number plates.

Each waybill must have a unique serial number. All entries on the waybill must be legible.

There are two different types of waybills that can be used depending on the stock’s destination.

Plain waybill books are available from DAFWA and can be used when the movement does not require a combined National Vendor Declaration (NVD) waybill (e.g. transporting an animal to the vet or agricultural show, or between properties owned by the same person). However, the NVD-waybill is required by accredited producers, abattoirs, saleyards, export depots and feedlots, as the stock moving there is usually for human consumption. The NVD-waybill provides valuable information about previous livestock treatments and animal health.

If you intend to on-sell your stock, request that animals arrive at your property with an NVD-waybill so that you can supply accurate health details when you sell them.

There is an NVD-waybill book for cattle and buffalo and one for sheep and goats.

Pigs require the PigPass NVD which is a form that combines the waybill details with important information about the food safety and health status of the stock.

A PigPass NVD is required whenever pigs are moved for sale, export or slaughter.

To obtain NVD-waybill you must first become accredited with the Livestock Production Assurance (LPA) program. The LPA can be contacted on 1800 683 111. You will need to provide your PIC details at ordering and understand the requirements of accreditation.

PigPass NVDs are available from or by phoning 1800 041 458.

Police and stock inspectors can stop a vehicle transporting livestock to check the waybill and that the animals are correctly identified.

Sheep, goats, cattle, buffalo, pigs, horses, deer, alpacas and llamas are all classified as livestock by law. All livestock owners must be registered, even if they only own one animal.

For more information, contact the DAFWA Brands Office on +61 (08) 9780 6207 or email