Fruit trees and vine protection

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Fruit trees and vines sometimes do not get the tender loving care they deserve. This may be due to a change of ownership, water restrictions or the owner's time commitments, poor health or loss of interest.

The owners of neglected fruit trees and vines are often unaware that poor maintenance causes plant stress which allows build-up of pests and diseases. These can affect nearby healthy trees in backyards and more importantly in commercial orchards.

In neglected trees exotic pests and diseases, currently not found in Western Australia, may go undetected for some time and could develop into a major threat to the industry. Neglect can be destructive and lead to expensive control programs.

This information covers:

  • duty of care of fruit and vine growers
  • maintenance needed to avoid pest and disease build-up
  • guidelines to remove unwanted fruit trees and vines
  • pests and diseases commonly found in neglected fruit trees and grape vines.

Duty of care

Whether you own one fruit tree or vine, or an entire orchard or vineyard, you are responsible for its care and management.

Pests and diseases don’t respect boundaries and easily cross to neighbouring properties. This means that one neglected orchard or a backyard with poorly maintained trees can cause problems for all growers in a district.


Contact information

Pest and Disease Information Service (PaDIS)
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