European wasp: Adopt-a-trap initiative

Page last updated: Friday, 7 December 2018 - 3:08pm

Help us detect European wasps by adopting a surveillance trap and monitoring it during the wasp season December-May. 

Early detection of European wasps is important to prevent the establishment and spread of nests in Western Australia. We can't look everywhere, especially in remote areas of WA. Help us by filling in the gaps in our surveillance and keep your community, lifestyle and business safe. 

The expansion of the European wasp population through South Australia and eastern Australia is a concern to all Western Australians. Fertilised wasp queens are increasingly likely to be accidentally transported into our State and establish nests. Nest numbers can grow exponentially if not detected.

Adopt-a-trap is an initiative developed to counteract this increased invasion risk. It promotes the involvement of local government, business, industry and members of the public to monitor for European wasps in their area during the active wasp surveillance season (December-May).

To date, more than 1000 surveillance traps have been adopted by the public, local government and industry.

How to get trapping

Trapping is as simple as hanging a trap in a tree, inspecting the trap and changing the raw fish lure every fortnight (weekly is even better). We will post you a free trap, but we can't post the fish! 

We have detailed instructions on how to set up, maintain and service the traps as well as on how to report European wasps suspect sightings.

Please note:

  • Adopt-a-trap's are available to West Australian's only (sorry!)
  • This trap won't control wasps or other insects, instead, it acts by attracting European wasps if they are nesting in your area 
  • Don't worry, this trap won't encourage wasps to your property. But if European wasps are nearby - you'll want to be the first to know!
  • If you catch anything that looks like a European wasp, let us know. If it's a European wasp, we will find the nest near you, and eradicate it free of charge

Join our surveillance team.

Please register your interest in receiving a trap, click here: SIGN UP NOW!

European wasp traps with European wasp crawling inside the trap.
European wasp traps with one wasp crawling inside the trap

Contact information

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