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MyPestGuide brings people together to create a collaborative network of people to report and learn about local pests. 

The MyPestGuide family includes a Reporter app, three pest identification field guides, a decision tool and a community website ( 

If you wish to help a local grower, get involved in biosecurity, and protect the environment and our economy, then join up and take part in the pest surveillance community.

Report a pest today!

The information gathered by you helps to strengthen and support Australia’s growers to access and gain new trade markets.

Report a pest today!

MyPestGuide was developed to encourage everyone (public, industry and government) to report observations of any common, interesting or possibly exotic pests, as well as the absence of pests across Australia.

Get to know the MyPestGuideTM family 

MyPestGuide family of apps


Check out the MyPestGuide™ family of FREE support tools built just for you! They are:

Together these tools help everyone easily report and map any organism to the department, and receive expert advice in return.

Join the MyPestGuide™ community 

A knowledgeable community can get on top of pest problems quickly! So, reduce the cost of eradicating and managing pests long-term. Join in and be a part of the pest reporting community.

Man with moustache sitting next to beetle collection and microscope
Andras Szito DPIRD expert taxonomist for pest insects - Photograph by Pia Scanlon

Help monitor, manage and keep exotic pests out of Australia.

The MyPestGuide on-line community web page is where the shared reports are mapped and available for the community to learn more about what pests are being reported.

This is to educate the community in pests and encourage everyone to become involved in reporting and defending Australia’s agriculture industry and protecting the natural environment from exotic pests.


Take part in a science activity 

Report a pest today

The Biosecurity Blitz is an outdoor activity for the entire WA community which runs annually from 16 October to 19 November. Sign up and get blitzing.

The Pantry Blitz is an indoor science activity where participants sign up to receive a free sticky trap and find out what pests are hiding in their kitchen cupboards. 

The School Challenge begins again in 2019! This new event provides an opportunity for schools to join forces and get their community involved! For further information and to register refer to the webpage.

Who we are

MyPestGuide is supported by Royalties for Regions funding as part of the Boosting Biosecurity Defences project with start-up funding provided by Council of Grain Grower Organisations.

The MyPestGuide Team works with primary industries to safeguard WA's agricultural resources from biological threats and to maintain trade opportunities.

Contact us

We welcome all comments and suggestions from the user community and gratefully acknowledge the input received to date by all.

Feel free to email us or send us a report with your comments included in the text.

Alternatively, call the Pest and Disease Information Service team on (08) 9368 3080.

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