Biosecurity Blitz

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The Biosecurity Blitz is an annual event that runs from 16 October - 16 November. It is an opportunity to join in and discover as many interesting organisms as possible across Western Australia to protect our agri-food industries, natural environment and lifestyle from damaging or harmful exotic pests (e.g., terrestrial and marine animals, insects, diseases, and weeds).

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Registrations for this year's Biosecurity Blitz are now open. Visit the registration page to sign up.

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Take part in the three activities below during the Biosecurity Blitz

Everyone benefits from pest surveillance

There are hundreds of organisms living in your garden. Most are harmless but some may damage your garden or threaten WA’s agriculture, forests, and natural ecosystems.

Each time you report, you will learn:

  • about the problems these pests may cause.
  • how to manage pests sustainably and contribute to maintaining beneficial organisms and biodiversity.

Your individual reports help to:

  • map the distribution of pests and diseases.
  • increase the likelihood of early detection of exotic pests and improve chances of eradication.
  • provide evidence to support area freedom from pests and diseases.
  • protect Australia's continued access to trade markets.

Reporting is easy!

Grab a mobile phone or camera and look in your backyard, street, local park or bushland for pests and diseases. Report your findings using the MyPestGuide® Reporter app or online portal.

Using a mobile device

  • Send up to four photos to our experts who will identify the pest and respond to your reports.
  • A GPS location, descriptive text and your details are all that is needed to make a report.
  • Once submitted view your reports on the community map and learn from others.
  • You can also share your report via social media.

Don’t have a smartphone? No worries!

Use the MyPestGuide® Reporter online portal  to create and send in reports through an internet browser. To do this, drag and drop .jpg files (up to 5MB) from your camera to the online portal to make a report.

View what others share in the MyPestGuide® Reporter online portal!

 MyPestGuide - Reporter

Report your observations
via app or online

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