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MyPestGuide Crops

Field guide and pest identification app

The MyPestGuide family of free support tools includes a dedicated Reporter App plus three (3) pest identification field guides (iOS Apple and Android), which operate alongside the community website.  MyPestGuide helps bring people together who have similar pest problems in their local area creating a collaborative network. 

The information gathered by MyPestGuide users strengthen and support Australia’s access to existing or new overseas trade markets by assisting the department in maintaining Australia’s pest-free status and inferring our freedom from exotic pests.  So, please help support farm biosecurity, the environment and our economy by becoming a participant in the new pest monitoring and surveillance community.  Report a pest today!




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MyPestGuide Crops

The MyPestGuide Crops field guide works in conjunction with MyPestGuide Reporter.  Use it to identify insect pests or observable signs of damage in cereals, pulses, oilseeds and coarse grain crops across Western Australia.


  • Free, easy to use grain pest identification field guide for Android and iPhone devices.
  • Quickly identifies crop pests by filtering information on the damage or description.
  • Runs outside mobile range and lets you personalise ‘My pests’.
  • MyPestGuide field guides are connected to MyPestGuide Reporter to make a report.
  • Record your observations and keep them in your back pocket to monitor grain pests.
  • MyPestGuide Crops is a template for other industries to undertake surveillance.
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