2018-19 stats and nest locations

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In 2018-19 all nests were found within the Perth metropolitan area. None have been found outside of this area, although if you suspect you have seen a European wasp in any part of Western Australia, please report to us IMMEDIATELY.

2018-19 nest numbers and locations 

See next page for detailed Local Government Area maps where European wasps and nests were detected.

Table of nest detections

Map of nest detections

Season stats

  • 166 EW nests found and destroyed.
  • EW nests found in 12 LGAs, spanning 46 suburbs.
  • 136 (82%) of all EW nests located and destroyed were in focus areas across the Darling Scarp - in the Mundaring, Kalamunda, Swan, Gosnells and Canning LGAs.
  • 98% of EW nests found were underground.
  • Close to 3800 EW traps installed, up from about 2200 used last year.
  • Surveillance carried out across some 1,300km2.
  • Almost 1000 enquiries and reports from the public received.
  • 77 public reports led to the location of EW nests.
  • Some 25% of reports that led to the location of EW nests were of wasps seen in backyards, with many seen drinking from sprinklers, bird baths, pools and dog bowls.
  • Common to reports were wasps seen around human food and drinks.
  • Eradication was confirmed in some of last year’s hot spots, including parts of the City of Swan and Bedfordale.
  • Significant hot spots for 2018-19 were the suburbs of Martin in the City of Gosnells (27 EW nests), Welshpool (12 EW nests), Kalamunda (11 EW nests) and Mundaring (11 EW nests).
  • EWs continued to be detected toward the end of the season in Banjup, Orange Grove, Lesmurdie, Walliston and Pickering Brook.