Postharvest handling of Brassica vegetables

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(Brassica oleracea L. botrytis group)

Minimum requirements

  • Cauliflowers should be intact, firm, clean, sound and fresh, free of any foreign matter and pests and not affected by disease.
  • No off smell.
  • The curd should have no discolouration.
  • Curds for export are trimmed to remove all leaves, ideal weight 0.8–1.2kg
  • Curds in the same carton must have uniform size and weight.

Shelf life

0°C, 90–95% RH        –          3 weeks

4°C, 80–90% RH        –          2 weeks

20°C, 60–70% RH      –          2–3 days

Preferred storage conditions

Pre-cooling and storage at 0°C, 95–100% RH.

Recommended storage and transit temperature: 0–2°C.