Postharvest handling of Brassica vegetables

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Brussels sprouts

(Brassica oleracea L. gemmifera group)

Minimum requirements:

Brussels sprouts should be intact, firm, bright green, fresh, sound, free from soil and off smell.
They should be free from signs of attack by insects, disease, mould, rot or mechanical damage.

Shelf life

0°C, 90–95% RH        -           2–3 weeks

4°C, 80–90% RH        -           about 1 week

20°C, 60–70% RH      -           2–3 days

Lining of storage containers with perforated polyethylene reduces wilting loss. Perforation allows better air movement during cooling.

Preferred storage conditions

Pre-cooling and storage at 0°C, 95–100% RH.

Recommended storage and transit temperature: 0–2°C.