Biomass to Bioenergy - Fact Sheets

Page last updated: Wednesday, 3 August 2022 - 4:10pm

Bioenergy in simple terms is the conversion of biomass to energy, however the broad range of potential biomass inputs, conversion technologies and energy product outputs makes biomass to bioenergy a complex space.

To be transformed into higher value energy products, biomass is refined through one or more steps. Conditioning refers to processes such as drying, milling, and chipping to reduce the feedstock size, making it easier to handle and increase its energy density. During conversion, biomass is decomposed using mechanical, thermal, chemical, biochemical or electrochemical processes then refined into a bioenergy product such as a liquid biofuel or biogas suitable for use.

We have developed a series of Factsheets on key bioenergy topics and will continue to develop and provide resources to support and inform industry, government and the public of the opportunities, innovations and developments in the advanced bioenergy industry.


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