Tactical wheat agronomy GRDC Research Updates presentations

Are you looking for more information on the research and findings from the Tactical wheat agronomy project? Each year, project staff present in depth information on the previous year's research findings.

Perth GRDC Research Updates 2017

Click on the links below to see the papers and presentations from the 2017 GRDC Research Updates in Perth.

Brenda Shackley - Research Officer

Paper - Capturing early sowing opportunities for wheat in WA - Brenda Shackley, Christine Zaicou-Kunesh, Jeremy Curry and Dion Nicol

Presentation - Capturing early sowing opportunities for wheat in WA - Brenda Shackley

Christine Zaicou - Research Officer

Paper - Wheat varieties: performance in GRDC's National Variety Trials, Western Australia - Christine Zaicou, Brenda Shackley, Dion Nicol, Mario D'Antuono, Jeremy Curry and Georgia Trainor

Presentation - Wheat varieties - performance in NVT's - Christine Zaicou

Bob French - Senior Research Officer

Paper - Alternative dwarfing genes improve wheat emergence from deep sowing - Bob French, Christine Zaicou and Greg Rebetzke

Presentations from the 2018 GRDC Research Updates will be available in the coming months on this page and via the GIWA webpage.

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