Consider Plant Breeders Rights when buying pasture seed

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In the market for supplies of pasture seed this year?

You should be aware that some pasture cultivars are protected by Plant Breeder’s Rights (PBR) under the Plant Breeder’s Rights Act 1994. Plant varieties subject to PBR can only be produced for sale by parties authorised by the breeder of the plant variety.

The Western Australian Agriculture Authority (WAAA) has PBR over a number of protected cultivars as listed below.  If you would like seed of one of these cultivars please contact the relevant authorised licensee(s).

Table 1 Licensees for PBR protected pasture cultivars



Antillo subclover

Seed Force

Bindoon subclover

PGG Wrightson Seeds

Coolamon subclover

PGG Wrightson Seeds

Eliza French serradella

Ballard Seeds

Forbes subclover

Seed Force

Izmir subclover

PGG Wrightson Seeds

Margurita French serradella

Ballard Seeds, Eastern Districts Seed Co

Narrikup subclover

Seed Force

Nitro Plus Persian clover


Rosabrook subclover

Seed Force

Rouse subclover

Seed Force

SerraMax yellow serradella

Prairie Nominees, Daniel Bell, TG & RC Browne,
Woodstock Trading, WR Hagboom & Co

T15-1218 Lanza tedera


Tammin subclover

Seed Force

Tarlee subclover

Seed Force

Yanco subclover

Seed Force

Yelbini yellow serradella

WR Hagboom & Co

Table 2 Contact details of licensees
Licensee Contact details
Ballard Seeds (08) 9881 5711
Barenbrug 1800 007 333
Daniel Bell 0428 955 033
Eastern Districts Seed Co (08) 9045 4036
PGG Wrightson Seeds 1800 619 910
Prairie Nominees 0488 747 000
Seed Force (03) 5832 3800
Seednet 1300 799 246
TG & RC Browne 0428 221 571
Woodstock Trading (08) 9871 1582
WR Hagboom & Co 0427 341 026

Any unauthorised production, reproduction, conditioning, sale, offers for sale, import and export of protected pasture seed may be an infringement of the PBR Act. The PBR Act allows for both civil and criminal proceedings for infringement.

As well as potentially being in breach of the PBR Act when buying seed of PBR protected cultivars from an unlicensed supplier (commonly referred to as 'over the fence' trading), there is also greater risk of ending up with poor quality seed. It is preferable when purchasing any seed to request a seed analysis statement that provides evidence of cultivar purity, together with weed and germination status of the seed.

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