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The Department of Agriculture and Food, Western Australia's Quarantine WA service offers many co-regulatory arrangements to assist business to meet quarantine requirements and share the responsibility of protecting Western Australian industries and environments.

The arrangements detailed on this page are available for transporters, growers, importers and exporters and research facilities, including quarantine facilities, certification assurance arrangements and many other compliance arrangements.

Approved quarantine facilities

Approved quarantine facilities are available for freight forwarders, transporters, importers, market agents, nurseries and research facilities.

A business that enters into a quarantine facility arrangement enjoys better flexibility, better time management and increased efficiency because it can eliminate unnecessary delays in the delivery of goods and services.

Without an approved facility arrangement, goods placed under quarantine at border checkpoints may be sealed and directed not to be unloaded until an authorised inspector is present.

By entering into an approved facility arrangement such goods can be unloaded and quarantine risk items can be placed aside to await inspection while non-risk items within the load can be delivered without delay.

To become an approved facility a company must demonstrate that it can comply with certain criteria dependant on the type of approval sought. Quarantine WA ensures the arrangement continues to work effectively through a regular audit program.

Compliance arrangements

Compliance arrangements are in place where a business may be able to carry out low risk quarantine inspections, treatments or certification on behalf of Quarantine WA.

Training is provided for businesses entering into these arrangements and Quarantine WA ensures the arrangements continue to work effectively through a regular audit program.

Other compliance arrangements are also available to some businesses interstate, which allow some products to be fast tracked through the inspection process if they are able to meet certain criteria.

Certification assurance

Quarantine WA can assist commercial exporters by providing plant health assurance certification under individual quality assurance arrangements.

Certification assurance is a system of plant health certification based on quality management principles. This provides a convenient alternative to the traditional inspection system carried out by Quarantine WA inspectors. The certification assurance system allows a accredited business to issue their own Plant Health Assurance certificates.

To gain accreditation a business must demonstrate that it has put effective in-house procedures in place to ensure produce consigned interstate meets the specified quarantine requirements of it’s destination. Regular audits by Quarantine WA ensure the business’s accreditation status is upheld.

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