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Page last updated: Friday, 17 November 2023 - 3:59pm

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The Department of  Primary Industries and Regional Development, through Quarantine WA, enforces quarantine laws that must be considered if you plan to move to WA. Items may need to undergo quarantine treatments prior to entry, or will require inspection on arrival in WA. Some items may even be prohibited entry into WA.

All personal effects containers and contents need to be declared to Quarantine WA at least 24 hours prior to arrival. Undeclared personal effects containers will usually be placed under quarantine for inspection which may result in delivery delays.

How do I declare my personal effects to Quarantine WA?

Most removals company will supply you with an 'Unaccompanied Personal Effects Declaration' form when they pack your container, or you can download the form from this page. To complete the form you will need to know what your container number is. This form is usually lodged by your removals company or if you wish to lodge it yourself the instructions are shown on the form itself.

The information you supply on this form will be used by Quarantine WA to assess any quarantine risks. Misleading or false information provided is likely to result in penalties being applied under the Biosecurity and Agricultural Management Act 2007.

Can I bring my pot plants to WA?

You can bring your plants as long as they meet all of the entry conditions required to enter Western Australia. They must be of a permitted species which can be checked on the Western Australian Organisms List (WAOL). You will need to know the full botanical name to check against this list.

Once you have determined they are of a permitted species you will also need to check the WA Import Conditions manual to see what other requirements will need to be met. This is usually chemical treatments and certification issued by your current state's quarantine authority.

If you have 20 plants or less, you can contact a Quarantine WA Follow-up Officer on 08 9334 1800 to see if you are eligible for prior import approval under alternative conditions, that will allow you to forgo the usual chemical treatments. As a general rule the conditions for this approval will require the plants to be free of all soil and potting mix, and undergoing a 100% inspection on arrival in WA.

You can bring plant pots into WA, but they must be washed free of all soil and plant material.

Inspection fees and charges will apply.

What about my lawnmower and other garden tools and equipment?

All lawnmowers and other garden equipment and tools must be clean of all soil and plant material to avoid the spread of soil borne diseases and weed seeds.

Inspection fees and charges may apply.

What about motor bikes and vehicles?

Bikes and vehicles should also be cleaned free of soil and plant material prior to entry into WA. If quarantine inspection reveals the need for cleaning on arrival in WA, this will need to be carried out at an Approved Quarantine facility for cleaning and could prove to be both costly and inconvenient.

Inspection fees and charges may apply.

It is also a good idea to give any camping equipment or other items a good clean to help protect the biosecurity status of Western Australia.

What else should I be aware of when packing my household items?

Never use second-hand fruit and vegetable cartons to pack your belongings in. These cartons are prohibited entry into WA as these can carry insect pests and other diseases not present in the state. Inspectors will need to seize any used cartons before the delivery of your goods to your new home, which could cause inconvenience to your move.

Inspection fees and charges may apply.

You should also avoid packing any honey or hive products with your personal effects. Honey must be treated and certified to enter Western Australia, and jars of honey will be seized and destroyed by our inspectors.


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