Restricted Movement Zones (RMZ) border descriptions

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The description of road boundaries for each Restricted Movement Zone (RMZ) are as follows.

RMZ Aldersyde

The area in the Shire of Brookton bounded by – corner Brookton-Corrigin Rd and Jaensch Rd Aldersyde, north continue north-east to Mills Lake Rd, south to Mills Rd, south to Brookton-Corrigin Rd, west to corner Jaensch Rd and Brookton-Corrigin Rd.

RMZ Armadale

Area of the state bordered by Forrest Rd/Seventh Rd intersection, north-west Armadale Rd, continue north-west via path to Dewar St and to Doorigo Rd, east to Tomah Rd, north/north-east to Cowan St, north-west to Seville Grove locality boundary, north-east to Williams Rd, continue north-east to Brant Rd, south-east/east to Cycle way, east to Armadale shire boundary, east/north/east/south/east to Albany Hwy, south to Carawatha Ave, east/south-east/south to Bedfordale locality boundary, south to Albany Hwy, west to Jull St, south-west to Forrest Rd, west/south-west to Seventh Rd.

RMZ Ashendon

The area of the state identified as Parcel ID 26437690.

RMZ Breton Bay 1

The area bounded by Brockway Rd/Midlander Rd intersection, north-west to Ziema Rd, north to McCormick Rd, east to Breton Bay/Wanerie locality boundary, south to Wanerie/Neergabby locality boundary, south to Midlander Rd, east to Moore River, south to Gingin Brook Rd, west to Indian Ocean Rd, north west to Neergabby/Caraban locality boundary, north to Midlander Rd, west to Brockway Rd.

RMZ Canning Vale

The area of the state bordered by Garden St/ Warton Rd intersection south-west on Warton Rd to Ranford Rd, north-west to Waratah Bvd, north-east /north to Fairfield Gdns, continue north along Waratah  Bvd and then cycle way to Midland Kwinana Railway line, east/north-east to Nicholson Rd, south east to Garden St, south to Sugarwood Dr, east  to Towncentre Dr, south/south-east to Forest Lake Dr, south-west to Forest Cr, south-east to Redheart Dr, south to Hickory Dr, south-east to Forest Cr, south-west to Garden St, south-east to Warton Rd.

RMZ Champion Lakes

Area of the state bordered by Canning Mills Rd I Clifton St intersection, north-west to Gilwell Av, south-west to Page Rd, north-west/west to Albany Hwy, continue West across Albany Hwy and Railway line to Railway Av, south to Banyard Av, south-west to Cammillo Rd, north/north-west to Lakes Rd, north-east to Lake View Tce, north/north-west to Shared path and continue to Tonkin Hwy, north-east to Corfield St, north-west to Eileen St, north-east to Seaforth Station, south-east across Albany Hwy to Manning Av, east to cycle way and continue north-east to Broadhurst Rd, north-west to Shared path under Tonkin Hwy to Connell Av, north to Cockram Rd, east to cul-de-sac and continue to Mills Rd East, south-east to Canning Mills Rd, south-west to Clifton St.

RMZ Chittering

The area of the state bordered by corner Muchea South Rd/Humphreys St, west to Payne St, north to Chittering St, continue directly north across properties to Byrne Rd, east to Brand Hwy, south 600 meters to southern edge of parcel 22922620, East to Great Northern Hwy, south to Brand Hwy, south-west 750 meters to Parcel 22508140, south to parcel 22508150, south to parcel 22507890, south-west to Muchea South Road/Humphreys St intersection.

RMZ Central Chittering

The area of the state bounded by Blue Plains Rd/Maddern S Rd, south/south-west to Great Northern Hwy, north to parcel 40774204 boundary, west along parcel boundaries to Reserve Rd, north to Loppolo Rd, east to Great Northern Hwy and continue east along parcel 40783361 boundary to Maddern Rd, south to Blue Plains Rd.

RMZ Lower Chittering

The area of the state bounded by Muchea East Rd/Polinelli Rd intersection, north-east to Morley Rd, south/south-west/west to Polinelli Rd, north to Muchea East Rd.

RMZ Darling Scarp

The area of the state bordered by Bickley/Brentwood Rd intersection, north-west to Wanaping Rd, south-west to Brixton St, north-west to Roe Hwy, south-west to Railway Pde, north-west to Lacey St, north-east to Redcliffe St, north-west to Gerard St, north-east to Batten Rd, north-west to Gibbs St, north-east to Stephen St, north-west to Reginald St, north-east to Whitlock Rd, north-west to Wharf St, north-east to Welshpool Rd, east to Murray Rd South, north-east to Murray Rd North, north-east to Dowd St, north-west to Kurnall Rd, north-east to Sheffield Rd, south-east to McDowell St, north-east to Tomah Rd, south-east to Roe Hwy, north to Tonkin Hwy, north to just south of Stanton Rd overpass, east along Perth Airport locality boundary to Great Eastern Hwy Bypass/Kalamunda Rd intersection, north-west to Highman St, north-east to Queens Rd, north-west to Great Eastern Hwy, north to South Guildford locality boundary follow north-east to Hazelmere locality boundary, south/east/south/east to Whiteman Rd, north-east to Helena River, follow river east to Military Rd, south to Hazelmere locality boundary, east to Roe Hwy, north-east to Morrison Rd, west to Hume Ct, north and west to Charles East St and continuing west to Ferguson St, north to Eric St, West to Wroxton St, north to Eddie Barron Dr, west to Lloyd St, north to Spring Av, west to Great Northern Hwy, north to Roe Hwy, east to Toodyay Rd, north-east to ESL Boundary, north/north-east along Boundary to O'Brien Rd, follow parcel boundaries north for approx 1km then east for approx 2km, then south to Toodyay Rd, north-east to Stoneville Rd, south to Cameron Rd, east to Joseph Rd, north to Trimble Rd, east to Bunning Rd, south to Quail St, east along Mundaring Shire boundary to Lilydale Rd, north to Breeze Rd, east to Mayo Rd, north to Dinsdale Rd, east to Wooroloo locality boundary locality boundary, east to McNamara Rd, south then east to Chedaring Rd, south-east to Great Eastern Hwy, south-west to Shire of Mundaring boundary, follow Mundaring shire boundary south/east/south to Yarra Rd, north-west to Dunlop Rd, south/east/south-east/south/south-west to Deefor Rd, west to Yarra Rd, north to Mundaring shire boundary, west to Nocking Rd, south-east to Beryl Rd, south-east to Beraking Pool Rd, south-east then south-west to Plunket Rd, west to Omeo Rd, north and east to Dale Rd, north-west approx. 4km to “unnamed” road north-west approx. 5km then west 4km along various “unnamed” forest access roads to bottom of 2km EHB Buffer survey arc, west to Pickering Brook Rd, north-west to parcel 40319313, south-west to parcel 40322378, follow parcel boundary south-east then south-west to Westons Rd, west to tributary of Munday Brook, continue west  to Canning Rd, north to Canning Mills locality boundary, west along boundary and then directly west to parcel 26743010, following southern side of parcels 26743010 and 26723920 to Kalamunda Shire boundary, north-west to Hardinge Rd, Reservoir Rd, south west to Gosnells Rd East, south-west to Tonkin Hwy and Ballard Pl, north-west on Ballard Pl to Putting Grn, south-west to Alcock St, north-west to Revesby St, south-west to Westfield St, north-west to Kelvin Rd, south-west to Davison St, north-west to Belmont Rd, north-west to Brentwood road/ Bickley road intersection.

RMZ Flint

The area of the state bounded by an area 2km’s from the intersection of Watershed Rd and Brookton Hwy.

RMZ Gnangara

Area of the state bordered by Great Northern Highway/Morrissey Rd, east to end, follow parcel boundaries south-east/north to southern boundary parcel 40042406, east/north to join Sabre Cl, east to Jenkins Rd, south-east to Coventry Crsg, east/north to Catsbells Av, east to Ashmere Dr, south to Chittering Rd, north-east to Meadowbrook Rmbl, south-east to Meadowbrook Rmbl, south-east to Avondale Grn and continue 260 meters, south/east/south along parcel boundary to include parcel numbers 22749750 and 22517010 to Linzer Pl, south to Jess Rd, west to Ridgetop Trl, south to parcel boundaries, continue south along parcel boundaries to join Hillside Pl, south to Smith Rd, west to Taylor Rd, south to parcel 22507850, continue south along eastern boundary to parcel 40502589, west to  Stock Rd W, continue west to Great Northern Hwy, south to Upper Swan  locality boundary, east to Brigadoon locality boundary follow east/south/west/south/west to Baskerville locality boundary, follow boundary south to Red Hill locality boundary, follow south to Toodyay Rd, south-west/north-west/south/south-west to Roe Highway, north/north-west to Great Northern Highway, south to Muriel St, west/south/west along Midland locality boundary, west along Woodbridge locality boundary north along Viveash locality boundary, west along Caversham Av to West Swan Rd, south to Harper St, west to eastern edge of Whiteman Park boundary and follow north/west/north to Benara Rd, west to Lord St, north/north-west to Marshall Rd, west to Hepburn Avenue, north/north-west to  Wanneroo Rd, north to Ocean Reef Rd, west to Edgewater Dr, north to Hindmarsh Wy, west to Lakeside Dr, north to Shenton Av, west to Grand Bvd, north-west to Joondalup Dr, north/east to Wanneroo Rd, north to Carrabooda locality boundary, west/north/north-west to Yanchep locality boundary, north-west/west/north adjacent to Brazier Rd/Compass Circle intersection, north-east along Brazier Rd to Lagoon Dr, north to Marmion Ave, continue north on parcel 40011647 to parcel 40011651, east to parcel 40011648, continue east to proposed Mitchell Fwy, north to Yanchep locality boundary, follow boundary north to Caraban Rd, north-west to Wabling Rd, east to Sheoak Rd, north to unnamed road, north-east to Wilbinga Grove and Indian Ocean Drive, south to Coppino Rd, east to Military Rd, south to Redwood Rd, east to Nuytsia Rd, south-west then south-east to Casuarina Rd, south to Airforce Rd, east to Rosella Rd, south then east to Clover Rd, east to High Hill Rd, south to RAAF Boundary Rd, west to Rosella Rd, south then south-west to Perry Rd, south to 'Unnamed Roads', east to City of Wanneroo shire boundary, south/east to City of Swan Shire Boundary, east along boundary to Muchea South Rd, south to Morley Rd, go east along parcel boundaries (200m south of this road) to Great Northern Hwy/Morrissey Rd. 

RMZ Gosnells

Area of the state bordered by Corfield St/King St intersection, north-east to Fremantle Rd, east to Albany Hwy, north to Martin locality boundary, north-east/south-east/north-east/south-east to parcel 43568752 (road reserve), south-west to parcel 43568753, continue south-west to Cockram Rd, continue to Mills Rd East, south/south-east to Cockram Rd reserve (parcel 40270322), south-west to Connell Ave, south to cycle way, west to parcel 40586728, south-west to Broadhurst Rd, continue on walkway to Manning Ave, west to Albany Hwy, north to Seaforth Railway Stn, west to Eileen St, south-west to Corfield St, north-west to King St.

RMZ Hamel 1

The area in the Shire of Waroona bounded by – corner of South Western Hwy and James Rd Hamel, west to McFarlane Rd, south to Roberts Rd, east to Burney Rd, south to Cornucopia St, east to South Western Hwy, north to corner James Rd and South Western Hwy.

RMZ Jarrahdale

The area of the state bounded by the Ashendon, Karrakup and Jarrahdale locality intersection, south-west/west/south-west to parcel 40676222, south to parcel 27051960, continue along parcel boundary south/south-west/south to unnamed forest road linking Chandler Rd to Johnson Rd, east/south/east/south-east to Chandler Rd, north/east/north-east/north/east/north/north-west to Ashendon locality boundary, west/north to Karrakup shire boundary.

RMZ Karragullen/Lesley

The area of the state bounded by the intersection of Ashendon Rd and the location of Pickering Brook boundary, south/south-west to arc 2 Km from the intersection of Dale Rd and the locality of Lesley boundary, clockwise around arc south-east/south/south-west/west/north-west/north/north-east to parcel 26728950, north-west to parcel 26743680, north along parcel boundary  to parcel 26436090, continue north along parcel boundary to bottom of 2km EHB Buffer survey arc Darling Scarp RMZ, follow arc anti-clockwise south-east/east to Ashendon Rd, south to Pickering Brook locality boundary.

RMZ Karnup

The area of the state bordered by corner Mandurah Rd / Sixty Eight Rd north to Safety Bay Rd, east/south-east/east to Baldivis Rd, south to Serpentine Rd, east and then south to Karnup Rd, east to Jarrah Rd, south-east to Yangedi Rd, south to Keysbrook Suburb Boundary, west then north to City of Rockingham Shire Boundary, west / south / west to Karnup Suburb Boundary, north to Vine Rd west to Amarillo Dr, west along Amarillo Dr / Paganoni Rd to Mandurah Rd, north to Sixty Eight Rd

RMZ Lennard Brook

The area of the state bounded by Creighton Rd/Cockram Rd intersection, south/west to Brand Hwy, north-west to parcel ID 22999300, east along property boundary to Racecourse Rd, north to parcel 40494613, south-east/east and continue on Coolyena Dr to Cockram Rd, north to parcel 22999610, east along parcel boundary to parcel 22999690, north/east/south along parcel boundary to parcel 22999670, east/south along the boundary to Lennards Rd, continue south along parcel 23000440 boundary to parcel 23000370, continue south/west/south along boundary to Creighton Rd, west to Cockram Rd.

RMZ Lockridge

The area of the state bounded by the Harper St/West Swan RD intersection, south and continue on Meadow St to James St, west Great Eastern Hwy, south to Guilford locality boundary, north-west to Swan River and west across river to Bassendean locality boundary, continue west to Surrey St, west to Old Perth Rd, follow north-west to Guildford Rd, across railway to Ivanhoe St, north-west to Broadway, west to Iolanthe St, north to Robinson Rd, east to May Rd, north to Morley Dr East, west/south-west/west to Beechboro Rd North, north to Reid Hwy, east to Caversham locality boundary, south to Benara Rd, east to Bennett St, south along parcel boundaries 40688545, 40682475 and 40219360 to parcel 40607431, east/south to parcel 40074159, east to Harper St and continue east to West Swan Rd.

RMZ Mandogalup

The area of the state bounded by the intersection of Postans Rd/Hope Valley Rd, north to Coburn shire boundary, east to Serpentine-Jarrahdale shire boundary, south to parcel 27217870, follow parcel boundary south to Anketell Rd, west to parcel 27212090 boundary, follow boundary south to Thomas Rd, south-west to Kwinana Freeway, north to Anketell Rd, west to Abercrombie Rd, north to Hope Valley Rd, south-east to Postans Rd.

RMZ Muckenburra 1

The area in the Shire of Gingin bounded by –corner Coonabidgee Rd and Gingin Brook Rd Muckenburra, west to Quin Rd, south to Wapet Rd, east to Sandringham Rd, south to Strickland Rd, east and north-east to Coonabidgee Rd, west to corner Gingin Brook Rd and Coonabidgee Rd.

RMZ Murdoch

The area of the state bordered by corner Leach Hwy and Karel Av, south to Roe Hwy, west to Kwinana Fwy, south to Shared path that goes west to Hope Rd, west along Hope Rd, south at Bibra Dr, west at Hope Rd to North Lake suburb boundary, south-west Coobellup suburb boundary, south-west/north west to Stock Rd, north to Garling St, east to North Lake Rd, north to Marmion St, east to Marr St, north to Charleson St, west to Welby Pl, north to Kitchener Rd, east to Gundil St, north to Tilney St, west to Horrocks Rd, north to Davy St, east to Barnard St, north to Canning Hwy, north-east to Cunningham St, south-east to Hickey St, south to Shapcott St (reserve), east to McCallum Cr, south to Alexander Rd, east to Links Rd, north to Drumfern St and continuing along parcel boundary to Ardessie St, south to Calgary St, east to Riseley St, south to Glencoe Rd, east to Bedford Rd, south to Queens Rd, east to St Michael Tce, south to Gunbower Rd, east to The Esplanade, south to Pulo Rd, south to Leach Hwy, east/north-east to Karel Av.

RMZ Neerabup

The area of the state bounded by the intersection of Moore Dr and Mitchell Freeway, north to Nowergup locality boundary, east to Wanneroo Rd, south-east to Joondalup Dr, west/south to Moore Dr, west to Mitchell Freeway.

RMZ Nilgen 1

The area in the Shire of Gingin identified as the residential development 'Ocean Farms Estate' Nilgen.

RMZ Nilgen 2

The area in the Shire of Gingin identified as farm property Lot 3916 Mimegarra Road Nilgen.

RMZ Nilgen 3

The area in the Shire of Gingin identified as – rural property Tagasaste Farm 733 Mimegarra Rd Nilgen Landgate Parcel Code P209999 3917.

RMZ Oldbury

The area of the State bordered by corner of Thomas Rd and Johnson Rd, east to Modong Nature Reserve parcel boundary, north along parcel boundary to Anketell Rd, east to Jandakot Regional Park, north to Serpentine-Jarrahdale Shire boundary, north to Rowley Rd, north along City of Armadale Shire Boundary to Nicholson Rd, south-east to Keane Rd, south east to Armadale Rd, east to Tonkin Hwy, south to Rowley Rd, west to Karkotich Rd, south to Thomas Rd, east to Briggs Rd, south to Abernathy Rd, east to Soldiers Rd, south to Karbo Dr, west to Hopkinson Rd, north to Gossage Rd, west to Karkotich Rd, south to Mundijong Rd, west to King Rd, north to Coyle Rd, west to Casuarina Rd, south along Lydon Rd, to Banksia Rd, south to Duckpond Rd, south-east to Mundijong Rd, west to Baldivis Rd, north to Millar Rd West, south-west to Wellard City Boundary, north to railway line, north-east along railway line to Wellard Rd I Homestead Dr intersection, north-east to Bertram Rd, northeast to Johnson Rd and north to Thomas Rd.

RMZ Red Gully 1

The area in the Shire of Gingin identified as farm property Lot 6894 Marri Heights Road Red Gully.

RMZ Regans Ford 1

The area in the Shire of Dandaragan bordered by Gillingarra Rd / Moochamulla Rd intersection, south to Woodbine Rd, west to Dandaragan Rd, north to Gillingarra Rd, east to Gillingarra / Moochamulla Rd intersection.

RMZ Roleystone

The area of the state bordered by Buchanan Rd I Canning Mills Rd intersection north/north-east to Douglas Rd, north to Feldts Rd, east along Feldts Rd to Korung National Park, east and north along parcel boundary to City of Gosnells Shire Boundary, east then south to Canning Mills Rd, north east to Springdale Rd, south then east along parcel boundary to Karragullen suburb boundary, continue east/south/east along boundary to intersection of semicircle centered on Northing 6447799, Easting 418684 (GDA94 Zone 50), follow arc south east/south west to Roleystone suburb boundary, west to  Gardiner Rd, south to Croyden Rd, west to McNess Dr, east to parcel boundary, south, west then north-west along parcel boundaries(Araluen Golf Course) to Heritage Dr, south then west to Old Albany La, north-west to parcel that connects to Wymond Rd, west to Soldiers Rd, south to Bedfordale suburb boundary, west/north to pedestrian accessway (parcel 40558207), west to Vincent Lkt, west to Mount Nasura suburb boundary, north-west Paterson Rd, north-west to Hill St, north, west to Brookton Hwy, north-east to Bernard St, west to footpath, continue west to Roberts Rd, north to Canning Mills Rd, north-east to corner Buchanan Rd I Canning Mills Rd.

RMZ Serpentine

The area of the state bordered by Norman Rd/South Western Hwy intersection, south to Shale Road, east following Whitby suburb locality boundary to South Western Hwy, south to Arnold Rd, west to Lefroy St, south/south-west to Hall Rd, south to Wattle Rd, west to Rapids Rd, south to Utley Rd, follow Serpentine Suburb boundary west/north-east/west/north to Karnup Rd west to Hopelands Rd, north to Rowe Rd/Shire boundary, follows Shire boundary west then north to just south of the Serpentine River, follows various parcel boundaries north/north east then east to Kargotich Rd, north to Gossage Rd, East to Hopkinson Rd, south to Karbro Dr, east to Soldiers Rd, south to Norman Rd, east to Norman Rd/South Western Hwy Intersection.

RMZ Stirling

Area of the State bordered by Walcott/Beaufort St, north-west to Charles St, north to Wiluna St, north-east to Flinders St, north to Morley Dr, east to Alexander Drive, south to The Strand, south-east to Beaufort St, south-west to Walcott Street.

RMZ South Bullsbrook

The area of the state bound by Shady Hills View/Clarkson Rd intersection south-east to parcel 22516550, along parcel boundary north-east/south-east to parcel 22516580,  continue along boundary south-east/north-east to parcel 22516620, north-east to parcel 40094134, east across easement to parcel 40094133, south/east/south/west along parcel 40094134 boundary to parcel 22512590 boundary, south to Bullsbrook locality boundary, west/south along locality boundary to parcel 40495193 boundary, along boundary south-west to parcel 40495193, south-west to parcel 40495192, along boundary south-west/north-west to parcel 40495191, along boundary north-west to parcel 40495190, along boundary west to Shady Hills View, north to Clarkson Rd.

RMZ Southern River

The area of the state bordered by corner Warton Rd I Corfield St, south­east to Tonkin Hwy, south-west to Ranford Rd, north-west to Warton Rd, north-east to Corfield St.

RMZ Woodridge

The area of the state bounded by Croot Pl/Indian Ocean Dr intersection, north-east/east/south-east/south to parcel 40334852, continue south to Woodridge locality boundary, west/north to parcel 26011490, east along parcel boundary to parcel 25908650 and continue east to Indian Ocean Dr, south to Croot Pl.

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