Season 2024: information for WA farmers

Page last updated: Thursday, 22 February 2024 - 1:40pm

The Season 2024 webpage contains seasonally relevant information and management options in the broadacre agricultural areas of Western Australia.

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Seasonal management




Animal health and welfare 


Consider the resources below for 2024 growing season planning:


Soil erosion risk is high in areas with low groundcover from poor crops impacted by a very dry growing season. Managing existing groundcover will be important to prevent wind erosion over summer and autumn.


Farm water supplies are inadequate in a few areas of the grainbelt, particularly around Grass Patch and Salmon Gums. Salmon gums has been declared water deficient again in December 2023 only 17 months since the revocation of the previous deficiency in 2022. It is important to plan for and invest in reliable on-farm water supplies. 

Fire season

The fire season began early due to dry, warm conditions. Visit Department of Fire and Emergency Services’- Prepare Warnings & Incidents, Recovery for resources on preparing for a fire. Refer to Farm recovery after fire if your property has been affected by fire.

Climate situation and outlook

The outlook for January to March 2024 is indicating below normal rainfall is more likely over most of WA, see Bureau of Meteorology's seasonal rainfall outlook. The outlook continues the prediction of higher atmospheric pressure over Australia. See the Bureau’s seasonal outlook video for more details.

WA’s rural support services

Information on support services is available to assist rural people of WA in stressful situations on the WA's rural support services webpage and directory, including Regional Men’s Health Initiative, Rural Aid and the Rural West financial counselling service.





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