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Western Australia’s agriculture sector needs access to productive soil and water resources for growth and profit. However, the sector must compete with increasing resource demands from all sectors of the community, and the pressures of a changing climate. The Agriculture and Food division of the Department of Primary Industries and Regional Development supports agriculture by providing long-term management solutions, practical risk management strategies and tools to maintain and improve resource conditions, to meet the needs of industry and stakeholders. Agriculture and Food is also pioneering soil and water investigation of the state’s undeveloped areas to establish new irrigated agricultural industries.


  • This land assessment identified more than 50 000 hectares of Pindan soils that have a high to fair capability for irrigated agriculture where potable groundwater is within 20 metres.

  • Renewable chemicals are a new category of products: ingredients for the production of chemicals produced from renewable feedstock and advanced manufacturing processes, leaving a smaller environment

  • Increased agricultural productivity is often associated with increasing soil organic carbon (SOC), and SOC is widely regarded as beneficial to soil function and fertility.

  • Harvesting a frosted crop brings another layer of complexity to an already busy time of year.

  • Frost is difficult to manage. It has a significant economic and emotional impact on the whole community.

  • Climate projections for northern Australian Rangelands, including the Pilbara, conclude there is very high confidence temperatures will continue to rise; high confidence the intensity of heavy rain

  • The Department of Primary Industries and Regional Development (DPIRD) plays a major role in addressing the impact of frost on WA growers through a combination of on-farm research and development ac

  • NRInfo (natural resource information) provides digital mapping and information for natural resources across Western Australia.

  • NRInfo (natural resource information) provides you access to digital mapping and information for natural resources across Western Australia.

  • The Agriculture and Food Division of the Department of Primary Industries and Regional Devlopment (DPIRD) provides this agri-climate profile of historical and projected climate information to suppo

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