Carbon for Farmers Voucher Program

Page last updated: Tuesday, 26 July 2022 - 12:22pm

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To complement the State Government's $15 million Carbon Farming and Land Restoration Program (CF-LRP), a new Carbon for Farmers Voucher Program will provide financial support for farmers to access expert advice on their carbon farming future.

Congratulations to the 67 successful applicants announced on Friday 3 June 2022 by the Hon. Alannah MacTiernan, Minister for Regional Development; Agriculture and Food; and the Hydrogen Industry.

$10,000 vouchers for farmers and landholders

The Carbon for Farmers Voucher Program allows eligible farmers to seek advice on making the right investment decisions around integrating carbon farming into their business.

Eligible farmers planning a carbon farming sequestration project in the South West Land Division accessed up to $10,000 to develop a vegetation or soil Land Management Strategy. 

Templates for developing either Soil or Vegetation Land Management Strategies can be viewed here: 

Land Management Strategies will assist successful applicants to register their soil or vegetation project with the Clean Energy Regulator to generate Australian Carbon Credit Units (ACCUs), as well as apply for additional funding through the WA Carbon Farming and Land Restoration Program.

Vouchers can be used to engage agronomists or other advisors with expertise in carbon, natural resource management and other specialist areas. 

Applicants will be considered for one voucher valued at up to $10,000, with successful participants required to contribute up to one-tenth of the voucher value, not exceeding $1,000.

Applications opened Friday 25 February 2022 and closed Friday 1 April 2022.

Information for Service Providers

The Department has compiled a list of independent professional service providers for distribution to participants in the Carbon for Farmers Voucher Program. 

To request inclusion on the Service Provider Directory please complete and submit this form.

Eligibility requirements

Please refer to the Carbon for Farmers Voucher Program Guidelines for detailed eligiblity criteria and requirements including ineligible expenditure.

To be eligible for a voucher, the application must be for:

  • Projects that increase carbon stored in the soil and/or vegetation (sequestration).
  • Commercial farm properties located in the South West Land Division.

Note: Group applications from eligible farmers are welcomed. Please contact the Department for advice when submitting your application.

Vouchers are not applicable for:

  • Projects that reduce greenhouse gas emissions (avoidance).
  • Farm properties located outside of the South West Land Division.
  • Government agencies or bodies; publicly funded research institutions, industry associations, and community-based or not-for-profit organisations.

Additional requirements for successful applicants:

Successful applicants will need to:

  • Contribute 10% of the cost for the professional services, up to a maximum of $1,000.
  • Cover any additional costs exceeding the maximum value of the voucher.
  • Incur all eligible expenditures after the voucher has been issued.
  • Utilise the voucher value within six months of being issued, or three months if applying for Round 2 of the CF-LRP.
  • Provide evidence of invoices paid for reimbursement by DPIRD direct to the applicant.
  • Provide satisfactory evidence of completion of the Land Management Strategy.
  • Participate in evaluation activities (e.g. surveys, interviews) within 24 months to assess the impact and effectiveness of the Voucher Program.

You may choose which service provider to engage.

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