Western Australian Carbon Farming and Land Restoration Program

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The Western Australian Carbon Farming and Land Restoration Program is a key initiative of the State Climate Policy. It aims to realise agriculture’s potential to sequester carbon across the landscape, generate WA-sourced carbon credits, and support the growth of our carbon farming industry by providing education, outreach and financial assistance.  

The Program offers outreach and education through DPIRD’s Carbon Farming team, and two funding schemes: ACCU Plus - for new soil and vegetation projects, and Future Carbon – research grants (closed) and Carbon for Farmers vouchers.

ACCU Plus provides financial assistance for carbon farming projects that deliver Australian Carbon Credit Units (ACCUs) plus one or more of the Program’s five priority co-benefits: 

  • Biodiversity and conservation
  • Agricultural productivity
  • Soil Health
  • Salinity mitigation
  • Aboriginal economic and cultural outcomes

These additional positive outcomes increase the value of the carbon sequestered and support the government’s investment in the projects.

Round 3 of the Western Australian Carbon Farming and Land Restoration Program is now closed for applications.

Successful ACCU Plus projects

Since 2022, the Carbon Farming and Land Restoration Program has provided $3.8 million in financial assistance to landowners across the South West Land Division.

These projects demonstrate that carbon farming can integrate with ongoing farming activities and increase climate resilience and sustainability. These projects also improve knowledge and capability, particularly for small to medium size farm enterprises, to allow them to engage with carbon markets and decarbonise their operations. 

You can also read about projects in the case studies from round 1 and 2

This video provides an overview of the CF-LRP

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Talk to the team

The Carbon Farming team is keen to work with landowners who want to participate in the CF-LRP or start their own project.

To speak with someone from the team, or arrange a visit to the property, email carbonfarming@dpird.wa.gov.au .