Biosecurity Council - selection criteria for appointments

Page last updated: Tuesday, 3 November 2020 - 10:13am

Expressions of interest are now open for upcoming positions on the Biosecurity Council of Western Australia. Details of the selection criteria and guidelines for submitting an expression of interest are found within this page.


Membership of the Biosecurity Council consists of people with a general or specific interest in biosecurity management, including members of community and producer organisations. The majority of the Council are experienced or actively involved in agriculture, forestry, fishing or pearling or related commercial activities; natural resource management; environmental protection; or regional communities. This ensures a broad range of skills, expertise and knowledge, and a diversity of opinion and contacts.

The Biosecurity Council is comprised of at least seven members, with members serving a term of no more than three years after which they are eligible for reappointment.

The Council holds four face-to-face meetings every year. Meetings are ordinarily held in Perth. Council members are paid remuneration of: Chairman $27 300 per annum, Member $13 700 per annum; and are eligible for reimbursement of travel expenses in accordance with the Public Sector Commissioner’s Circular 2009-20. Executive/ administrative support is provided by the Department of Primary Industries and Regional Development.

Six positions on the Biosecurity Council will become vacant during 2021. Appointments are made by the Minister for Agriculture and Food. The Western Australian Government is committed to ensuring diversity on Government boards and committees, and in particular, increasing the representation of women.

Further information about the Biosecurity Council and its importance in advancing biosecurity in Western Australia is available from the Biosecurity Council webpage. The Council's terms of reference can be accessed from the Terms of Reference webpage.

Guidelines for expressions of interest

Expressions of interest must include a two-page (maximum) synopsis of the applicant's skills and experience in relation to the selection criteria below, plus a two-page (maximum) curriculum vitae (CV). The CV must include:

  • Full name (including title)
  • Contact details (postal address, telephone number, email addresss)
  • Current employer and position
  • Work history and voluntary involvement relevant to committee position
  • Qualifications/training
  • Other committee/board experience (list all current positions)
  • Current contact details of two (2) referees

Selection criteria

General criteria applying to the selection of all Biosecurity Council members:

  • Personal attributes and experience suitable for a leadership role
  • Demonstrated ability for strategic thinking and planning, including decision-making based on relevant evidence, science or research
  • Knowledge of Western Australia’s biosecurity arrangements and a commitment to continually improve them
  • Current knowledge of biosecurity issues affecting primary industries, local communities, the environment or conservation
  • Linkages to, or involvement with relevant organisations, including community and/or producer organisations
  • Ability and willingness to commit adequate time to the Council’s business and actively contribute to its meetings
  • Understanding of Government processes and public policy development
  • Commitment to minimising the risks posed to Western Australia’s economy, environment and quality of life by the adverse effects of harmful organisms including diseases.

The Council will be comprised of people with knowledge or expertise in one or more of the following areas:

  • Animal and/or plant-based primary industries, including aquaculture
  • Protection of the terrestrial and/or aquatic environments, and/or biodiversity conservation
  • Natural resource management policy and/or service delivery
  • International, intra- and/or interstate marketing, trade or transport of livestock, food products or goods
  • Governance of local communities and/or regional economies, public amenity and health, recreation and/or tourism
  • Emergency incident planning and risk management
  • Science, research and/or business management.

How to apply

Expressions of interest comprised of a 2-page (max.) synopsis and a 2-page (max.) CV must be received by the Department of Primary Industries and Regional Development by 9.00am Monday 23 November 2020. Expressions of interest should be sent electronically via email. The contact details are listed below.

Contact information

Rebecca Heath
+61 (0)8 9690 2171