AgMemo Northern Agricultural Region

AgMemo set to change

In a bid to improve the way we deliver messages to subscribers AgMemo will be changing its focus from region to industry.

AgMemo is evolving to an industry focussed state-wide publication that provides essential, timely and relevant information to assist you in managing and developing your business.

Since its initiation, AgMemo has regularly delivered bi-monthly editions specific to five agricultural regions throughout Western Australia (Southern, South West, Central, Northern and Rangelands).

In a bid to improve the way we deliver messages to subscribers we will be changing the focus from region to industry.

The main body of the newsletter will promote our department’s achievements and projects and provide timely messages that are relevant to the majority of subscribers.

Readers can then select their relevant industry (grains, livestock or horticulture) for targeted articles providing a mix of timely strategic and tactical information, issues and news.

Another exciting new feature will be a regular section listing upcoming industry funding, scholarships and events.

The newsletter will continue to be published every two months as an e-newsletter sent directly to your inbox.

The next edition you receive will be published in the new format.

The AgMemo team welcome feedback and ideas from subscribers highlighting current issues and topics that they would like to see published in the newsletter.