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AgMemo Northern Agricultural Region

The Northern Agricultural Region AgMemo is produced for growers and industry in the districts of Geraldton, Three Springs and Moora.

Northern Ag Region AgMemo June 2017

1. Bigger department benefits agriculture
2. Department helps agricultural businesses to navigate 2017 season
3. Managing wind erosion risk on sandy soils in a dry season
4. Condition score sheep flock crucial for 2017 season
5. New development officers to build capacity in...

NAR AgMemo May 2017 Issue 2

Seeding into deep ripped or renovated soils
Below average winter rainfall forecast
Minimise early disease risks in your crops
Deep ripping no guarantee to fix water repellent soils
Trials show depth counts for canola
MyCrop diagnostic apps a must for the growing season...

NAR AgMemo Mar 2017 Issue 1

Give your autumn drench now
Flystrike risk increases following summer rains
Control weeds to optimise crop yields
Deep ripping in wet soils
Alert: New plant pest detected
DAFWA’s first State Horticulture Update
Keep an eye on sheep condition following rainfall

NAR AgMemo Dec 2016 Issue 6

Topsoil slotting - an opportunity if deep ripping in 2017  
$11.8 million to be invested in WA’s agrifood sector
Secure chickpea seed early for 2017
Stubble grazing over summer - tips and tricks
Prevent antibiotic resistance in animals and people
Current stock brand and...

NAR AgMemo Oct 2016 Issue 5

1. Setting common runlines for machinery in a controlled traffic farming (CTF) system
2. Pulpy kidney a risk to lambs this spring
3. Farm biosecurity remains vital in the wake of cucurbit virus
4. Backgrounding beef for benefit
5. Producers warned that ARGT may strike early...

Northern Agricultural Region AgMemo August 2016 Issue 3

In this issue:
Cucumber green mottle mosaic virus detected in Geraldton
Look out for rusts and other foliar diseases in your crops
When to cut hay for maximum quality
To aphid spray or not to aphid spray
Register now for Agribusiness Sheep Updates

Northern AgMemo 2016 issue 2

Check paddocks for cereal damage, after Russian wheat aphid found in South Australia
Research examines claying benefits
Still time to give some canola crops a nitrogen boost
New MyCrop diagnostic app now available for Oats
A bumper year for sheep parasites

Northern AgMemo March 2016 issue 1

Deep ripping combined with topsoil slotting key on deep sandy soils

Trials examine one-off tillage solution for water repellent soils

Get the jump on cereal crop diseases

Bugs that will bug you this autumn

Sowing retained Hybrid TT canola not worth the risk


Northern AgMemo November 2015 issue 6

Avoid early crop disease risks next year
Choosing the best canola variety for 2016
DAFWA research highlights crop sequencing trends
‘Bucks for brains’ scheme for cattle and sheep with unusual behavioural signs supports market access
Planning underway for Emergency Response...

Northern AgMemo September 2015 issue 5

Look out for rusts and other foliar diseases in your crops
Nitrogen strategies after deep ripping draws grower interest
$32.6m to fund more projects to capture new market opportunities
Root diseases – hidden but still happening
eDemonstration sites key to unlocking new...

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