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Diagnostic tool

This key uses Lucid software to identify problems caused by pests, plant diseases, soil deficiencies, environmental, weather and management in factors a wheat crop. When doing an identification it is best to start with the most obvious clues first. Clues include plant symptoms and patterns in the paddock that are associated with the symptoms (for example, soil type, header rows etcetera). However before using the key it pays to thoroughly inspect the paddock and any paddock records. Most paddocks have more than problem or restraint, and it is important to identify the location and distribution of the crop problem you are identifying.


MySoil diagnostic tool

MySoil is a simple diagnostic tool designed to improve identification of soil types.

MyEconomic calculator

The MyEconomic tool is a tool that assists you in assessing the economic risk and financial impact of various treatment options for problems in your broad-acre crop. This is a tutorial explains how to use it and interpret the results.


Yield constraint calculator

Wheat yield constraint calculator, is a simple tool to calculate yield potential and compare your paddocks performance over a number of years. To aid you in the use of the tool view the Youtube video.


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