DDLS - Entomology services

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DDLS - Entomology services provides expertise in invertebrate identification as well as helping to facilitate domestic and international trade and assists in protecting the biosecurity of Western Australia.

DDLS  - Entomology services includes pest diagnostics services for horticulture (ornamentals, nursery plants, amenity horticulture, turf, soil, fruits and vegetables), broadacre crops (cereals, canola and pulses), pastures and forestry. Our clients include farmers, horticulturists, importers, exporters, marketers, mining companies, state and federal government agencies, consultants, local councils, home gardeners, and land owners.

Specifically we are able to provide:

  • expert advice on sampling protocols and surveillance for pest invertebrates and those of biosecurity concern to Western Australia and Australia
  • diagnostic services of insects, arachnids (mites, spiders), molluscs (snails, slugs) and related invertebrates
  • professional advice and information on the ecology of pest invertebrates
  • specialised training in invertebrate taxonomy and pest identification
  • high resolution images of pest invertebrates, plants, seeds and symptoms of plant diseases and pests.


More information

For more information about invertebrates, sample submission forms and services, contact:

DDLS Specimen Reception
+61 (0)8 9368 3351