Biosecurity alerts: Queensland fruit fly updates

Queensland fruit fly (Qfly) is one of the world’s worst fruit pests, attacking a wide range of fruits, and some fruiting vegetables and ornamental plants.

Qfly is present in parts of eastern Australia but not in Western Australia.

Maintaining Qfly Area Freedom provides WA growers access to export markets, such as avocados to Japan and strawberries to Thailand, and allows for continued enjoyment of home-grown fruit and vegetables. 

Western Australia has been highly successful at eradicating previous Qfly incursions with the cooperation of local communities and industry, and by efforts of the experienced incident response staff at the Department of Primary Industries and Regional Development (DPIRD).

Qfly has been has eradicated from Perth on seven occasions since 1989.

It is important that communities and industry continue to work with DPIRD to eradicate any future Qfly incursions, supporting WA growers and everyone who enjoys growing their own fruit and vegetables.

Refer below for updates on current Qfly eradication programs in WA.

Current outbreaks

Coolbellup, Perth

A Quarantine Area is in place. For more information please visit the Coolbellup Outbreak page.

Click here to view current Quarantine Area boundaries, or download PDF.



Coolbellup Qfly Quarantine Area

Dalkeith, Perth

A Quarantine Area is in place. For more information please visit the Dalkeith Outbreak page.

Dalkeith Qfly Quarantine Area

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