Investment Ready: WA Agribusiness report

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The Investment Ready: WA Agribusiness report is part of the Department of Primary Industries and Regional Development's Asian Market Success project, a three year, $6 million project funded by the State Government's Royalties for Regions program. An extension until 30 June 2019, announced as part of the State Government’s 2018-19 budget, will enable the project to continue to provide WA agribusiness with additional research for expansion into premium Asian markets, capacity building and the delivery of an export oriented grants program.

Western Australia is a region of huge opportunity. The State sits on the doorstep of Asia and its vast land has significant further potential for agrifood growth that is, as yet, almost untapped. As a result of this growth-positive environment, WA has proven incredibly attractive to a wide range of investors. A strategic understanding of investment options and global players is an essential step for the sector.

WA agrifood businesses will need investment to take their firms to the next stage of growth. The report is designed to assist these businesses to target and attract the right investment to their opportunities. For WA agrifood business looking to attract investment, the report provides insights into:

  1. investment options available to restructure, diversify and grow businesses
  2. business models that attract preferred investors for their business
  3. investors positioned to commit capital to WA agrifood business development opportunities within Asia.

The report complements the information provided in the Target Opportunities Market Opportunities in Asia for Western Australian Premium Products (TMO) report released in March 2016.  The TMO report identifies 20 high-value Asian market opportunities that are closely matched with WA production and supply conditions. The investment ready report identifies some options for WA agrifood business to attract the additional capital they need to take advantage of these opportunities for growth.

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