Canid Pest Ejectors

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Canid Pest Ejectors (CPEs) are a newly approved method of deploying 1080 to wild canids (foxes and wild dogs) in Western Australia. 

CPEs are spring-activated baiting devices that use a piston to propel the contents of a 1080 capsule directly into the mouth of a wild dog or fox as it pulls the bait placed on the head of the ejector. Dried meat covers the lure holder that contains the capsule. The lure holder sits on top of the ejecting mechanism which is contained in a 15–18cm hollow tube placed firmly in the ground.

Instructions on how to use the CEP are available in an Invasive Animals CRC instructional video.

The main advantages offered by CPEs are:

  • Greater target specificity than conventional meat baits as deployment of 1080 is conditional on the upwards pulling force easily achieved only by canids.
  • CPEs can be reused repeatedly as the device is staked into the ground by a sturdy metal peg and cannot be easily moved by animals.
  • Unlike conventional dried meat baits, the 1080 capsules used in CPEs are sealed and protected from the elements; consequently baits can be left in place for extended periods preventing 1080 degradation over time.

1080 capsules are available in 3mg and 6mg for foxes and wild dogs respectively and treated as equivalent dosage strength for 1080 commercial bait products under the Code of Practice for the Safe Use and Management of 1080 in Western Australia.

Sale of CPE devices, pre-manufactured lure heads and associated hardware (other than the 1080 capsules) is unrestricted and will be available from most rural merchandise S7 retailers.

Risks to human health associated with CPE capsules are similar to those associated with the use of 1080 dried meat baits. However as the device is designed to eject 1080 liquid, users are advised to familiarise themselves with the device's operation and adhere to the recommended personal protective equipment (PPE) and safety recommendations.

Users in Western Australia are reminded that:

  • The sale of 1080 capsules is restricted to approved 1080 users through approved S7 retailers. To become an approved user of CPE 1080 capsules landholders must undergo, or have previously undertaken, landholder training for the use of 1080.
  • Training on the use of the CPE device itself is the responsibility of the individual applicant. Interested users and permit applicants should refer to the manufacturer's handbook (Canid Pest Ejectors: controlling Foxes and Wild Dogs ACTA 2015) and to an Invasive Animals CRC training video.
  • 1080 authorised landholders wishing to use CPEs will need to apply for an amendment to their current Restricted Chemical Permit (RCP) through the DAFWA RCP process (n.b. : permit amendment fee applies = $38.50). See the DAFWA Baiting and poison permit web pages for more information on permit application fees.

Invasive Animals CRC Canid Pest Ejector instructional video

YouTube video - Caned Pest ejector


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