Invasive species permits, applications and fees

Page last updated: Tuesday, 13 December 2022 - 10:02am

This page lists the application for various permits regarding the import, management and control of declared vertebrate pests in Western Australia, as well as the assessment of new or unlisted vertebrates.

Please Note: Applications for permits received later than Friday 16 December 2022 will not be processed until after Wednesday 4 January 2023.

Below is a list of applicable charges. Refer to the 2021-2022 services, products and fees document on this page for charge amounts.

Invasive Species permits require payment prior to the permit being processed. The application form should be emailed and an invoice will be emailed back to you.

On confirmation that the application fee has been paid, the permit application will be processed and the permit will be forwarded to the applicant on approval.

Please use the below application forms and email the completed application to

Please do not make bookings for the transport of birds and other animals requiring an import permit until the permit is issued.

For invoice enquiries, please contact the Administration Officer for Invasive Species and Environment Biosecurity on +61 (0)8 9368 3078.

Type of permits Description
Registered Pesticides

Registered Pesticide (RP) permit applications and amendments


Trap a vertebrate pest (BAM Act (r45))

Application for Permit to trap declared pest

Keep, Breed or Cultivate a Declared Pest (BAM Act (r9))

Release a Declared Pest (BAM Act (r22))

Application for Permit to release a declared pest

Dealing with declared pests and prescribed potential carriers (BAM Act (r9))

Application for permit to move a potential carrier into Small hive beetle free area of Western Australia

Move a Declared Pest (BAM Act (r16))

Application for Permit to move a declared pest

Import Permits
  • Import a Permitted Organism which requires permit (BAM Act (r73))
  • Import a Prohibited Organism (BAM ACt (s15(1))
  • Import a Potential Carrier which requires permit (BAM Act (r72))
  • Import an unlisted organism (BAM Act (s15(2)))(exceptional circumstances)

Application for Import Permit

Application for Import Permit

Risk Assessment for permit decision (per 15 minutes)
Other Permits

Introduce a Declared Pest (Bam Act (r17))

Application for Permit to introduce a declared pest

Supply a Declared Pest (BAM Act (r25))