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Agricultural engineer

Agriculture would be a lot more difficult and a lot less efficient without the machinery and technology we have today.

The people who design and build new farming technology and equipment are vital to the future of agriculture.

What sort of things will I do in a ‘Make it’ career?

Whether you’re interested in design information technology, food technology or engineering, you can find a career in agriculture.

Let’s take a closer look at some agricultural technology careers.

Agricultural engineer

Agricultural engineers study and advise on the use of engineering in agricultural production and management of natural resources.

Some of the day-to-day tasks of an agricultural engineer include:

• designing, developing and managing the building of agricultural machinery, equipment, instruments, irrigations, drainage and water control systems
• performing environmental impact assessments
• conducting research and study the results of work on farms and research stations
• preparing and presenting reports and advice.

To become an agricultural engineer you would usually complete a degree in Engineering. The University of Southern Queensland offers an engineering degree majoring in agricultural engineering. To get into these university courses you’ll need to complete year 12 ATAR pathway.

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A winemaker plans, supervises and coordinates the production of wine.

Some of the day-to-day tasks of a winemaker include:

• monitoring the quality of wine using laboratory tests
• organising the crushing and pressing of grapes, the settling of juice and the fermentation
• preparation of bottling wine
• supervising winery and cellar employees
• working with sales and marketing people wines meet market demands
• giving guided tours, conducting tastings and advising visitors about wine.

To become a winemaker you usually have to complete a Bachelor degree in Agribusiness with a major in Viticulture and Oenology or a Graduate Diploma in Oenology, both available through Curtin University. For these university courses you’ll need to complete year 12 ATAR.

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Agricultural plant mechanic

Agricultural plant mechanics deal with the maintenance and repair of agricultural plant machinery and equipment.

Some of the day to day tasks of an agricultural plant mechanic include:

• diagnosing, overhaul, repair, tune, maintain and test agricultural machinery
• repairing and maintaining hydraulic components such as hoists, booms, scrapers, buckets and augers
• installing and calibrating systems in machinery
• using oxy, ARC, TIG and MIG welding, hand-fitting or machining processes to replace or repair faulty parts.

To become an agricultural plant mechanic you usually have to complete an apprenticeship in Agricultural Plant Mechanics.

You can start while still at school by accessing a school based traineeship – you attend school three days a week, spend one day at a registered training organisation and one day at work. Talk to your school’s Vocational Education and Training (VET) Co-ordinator to find out more.

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Where can I get more information?

If a career in technology and agriculture is for you find out more at the websites listed under 'External Links' on this page.