Agriculture a career for everyone: Primary school resources

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The Department of Agriculture and Food (DAFWA) supports the growth of the state's agrifood sector in four key areas: markets, productivity, profitability and people.   Funded by the state government's Royalties for Regions program, the department has developed six curiculum packages to help students explore the tasks, activities and careers in agriculture.  The packages have been developed for primary school students in years four to six. Each package aligns with the requirements of one or more elements of the Australian Curriculum.


Have you ever looked in your lunch box and wondered how many different people where involved in growing, transporting, processing and packaging the food you can see? What are all the different jobs? These packages focus on the tasks and activities that are part of the processes to produce food, described as 'Job's in your lunch box'.

Each package is provided in different formats for ease of use and adaptation for class needs.

'Jobs in your lunch box' curriculum packages for primary school students:



Nikki Poulish