2022 statutory review of the Biosecurity and Agriculture Management Act 2007

Page last updated: Saturday, 26 March 2022 - 5:06pm

A statutory review of the Biosecurity and Agriculture Management Act 2007 (BAM Act) will be undertaken throughout 2022. 

The review will be conducted by an independent six-member panel. This will support independence and transparency in the review and its findings. Review panel appointments were confirmed on 28 February 2022.

The BAM Act is the regulatory framework for Western Australia’s plant and animal pest and disease biosecurity, the use of agricultural and veterinary chemicals, and ensuring safe and quality agricultural products.

A Ministerial review of the operation and effectiveness of the BAM Act is a statutory requirement under Section 194 of the Act.

It is timely to undertake a review. Factors such as climate change and increased global movements are heightening the risk to WA of invasion from plant and animal pests and diseases beyond our borders. This increasing threat is putting greater pressure on our biosecurity system. 

The review and any changes to the legislation will ensure the BAM Act continues to provide a fit-for-purpose framework that can support an effective and resilient biosecurity system into the future.  

Review terms of reference 

As outlined in the terms of reference, the review is intended to broaden community and industry support for and confidence in WA’s biosecurity system by paving the way for: 

  • a flexible and continuously improving biosecurity system 
  • improved biosecurity risk management  
  • industry and community engagement and participation in WA’s biosecurity system 
  • less administrative burden on industry.

The review will determine which parts of the BAM Act remain effective and fit-for-purpose, and which parts, if any, require changing to ensure the best legislative framework to manage biosecurity and agricultural risk. 

Specifically, the review will assess: 

  • the operation and effectiveness of the Act 
  • the adequacy of penalties imposed under the Act 
  • the ability of the Act to adapt to changing environments and new ways of doing, such as climate change and new technologies 
  • other matters of significance.  

Review process 

The panel will identify the process for the review. With the panel now appointed, next steps will include the following:

  • Panel to determine and implement the review process, including any internal and external engagement processes.
  • BAM Act review report with findings and recommendations to be presented to the Minister for Agriculture and Food.
  • Review report to be tabled in Parliament.

Review panel 

The six-member panel will support independence and transparency in the review and its findings. Members are listed below:  

Chair Ms Kaylene Gulich

Subject matter expert

Dr Bruce Christie   
Subject matter expert Dr Mark Sweetingham  
Legal expertise Ms Anna Ciffolilli 
Industry/community member Mr Clifford Winfield
DPIRD expertise

Dr Mia Carbon 

Click here for profiles of each panel member.

Panel member skills are broad, although also pertinent to biosecurity. Members are all experienced leaders in their areas of expertise, ranging from law, finance, governance and public policy through to biosecurity, resource management and engagement.  

Each panel member has worked in prominent roles, and have been selected for their knowledge and expertise of biosecurity law and practice, rather than as representatives of any particular sector.