Weed Seed Wizard download and help

Page last updated: Tuesday, 25 October 2022 - 2:11pm

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Weed Seed Wizard is a computer simulation tool that helps you to understand and manage weed seedbanks in crops across Australia.

Download the Weed Seed Wizard here to devise your own weed management strategy.

Installing and using the Weed Seed Wizard

Weed Seed Wizard - helping manage your weeds

Download the Weed Seed Wizard and open the 'build your own scenario' help guide (either as a PDF or an accessible word document) or view the two tutorials (Setting the scene and Understanding the results) to get the most out of this tool.


Weed Seed Wizard - build your own scenario help guide

This document will guide how to build a scenario step by step and how to interpret the results.

Please contact us if the 'Weed Seed Wizard - build your own scenario' document does not answer your question; the Wizard is giving 'strange' results; you have found a 'bug'; or you wish to suggest improvements.

See the sub-pages for download instructions, how to load the latest parameter set and update the weather files.


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