Situation analysis of horticulture in Western Australia

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A comprehensive report compiled by leading horticultural experts at the Department of Primary Industries and Regional Development (DPIRD) has provided a - snapshot into the direct and indirect value that horticultural production makes to Western Australia’s economy.

The research was led by technical specialists Manju Radhakrishnan, Neil Lantzke and Paul Mattingley and determined the annual wholesale value of horticulture production in WA at the time the data was collected was $1.49 billion.  Horticultural production increased to $3.03 billion in value once it reached the end consumer in WA and point of export.

The data was collected in 2020 and so the results presented refer to a period during which the industry was affected adversely by COVID-19, with labour shortages, supply chain interruptions and freight issues.


WA horticulture (excluding nuts) is estimated to be grown on an area of 45,077 hectares. Of this land, 64% is producing fruit, including wine grapes and 33% vegetables and annual horticultural crops.

WA produced $716m worth of vegetables, $638m worth of fruit, $117m worth of cut flowers, nurseries and cultivated turf and $22m worth of nuts.  Vegetables have the highest share in wholesale value (48%) while fruit have the highest share in final sale value (55%).

Avocados are the largest fruit crop in terms of value comprising over 30% ($201.2m) of total industry  value with table and wine grapes having a combined value of just under 20% ($123m) and apples 10% ($64.5m). Carrots are the largest crop by value in the vegetable industry, comprising 17% ($119.9m) of the total value of vegetables.

Fruit and vegetable industries in WA

Horticulture in WA is heavily consolidated with the top 10 industries comprising almost 90% of the value of the fruit industry. The top 20 fruit industries are shown in Figure A in the report. The top 20 vegetable industries are shown in Figure B in the report.

Regional distribution

More than 90% of the value of the state’s horticulture products are produced in only 20 Local Government Areas (LGAs) and more than 50% of production is within a 250 km radius of the Perth metropolitan area (Wanneroo, Gingin, Harvey, Busselton, Dandaragan, Donnybrook-Balingup, Swan, and Kwinana) which for many crops, represents the main market or a transit point to export markets. Details are shown in Figure C.

The Shire of Manjimup is the largest production area, contributing more than 16% of the total value of horticulture. Wanneroo, Gingin and Harvey, have approximately a 10–12% share each, and the next three LGAs, Carnarvon, Busselton and Dandaragan, have approximately  6–8% share each.

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