Business planning doesn’t have to be an arduous, drawn out task — it can be a simple, straightforward process that has the potential to turn your enterprise into a more profitable success.

Good marketing happens when a business knows its brand, unique selling proposition and target market.

These three elements combined give you a powerful tool to drive more customers and most importantly, the right kind of customers to your business.

Whether you are a small landholder developing a small patch of paradise or starting a new enterprise, there are several government approvals required.

From clearing land to building a shed, various legislative controls exist to aid in the development of land use activities.

Apple scab or black spot is caused by the fungus Venturia inaequalis. Apple scab is a relatively new disease for Western Australia that can have a significant impact on apple production if not managed appropriately.

The department is a key partner in the Grains Research and Development Corporations' (GRDC) National Frost Initiative (NFI) which aims to provide the Australian grains industry with targeted research, development and extension solutions to manage the impact of frost and minimise seasonal profit v

Cereal smut and bunt diseases are caused by fungi which parasitise the host plant and produce masses of soot-like spores in the leaves, grains or ears. These fungi are damaging pathogens of cereal crops, reducing yield and quality of harvested grain.

Preventing weed seed set provides an opportunity to control weed seed set in the pasture, late fallow, late stubble and in-crop phases.

This management strategy provides an opportunity to control weed seed set in the pasture and during harvest. It physically removes viable seed from the paddock by collecting weed seed and grazing crop residues.

Wild radish (Raphanus raphanistrum) is highly competitive in crops and can cause a yield loss of 10-90%.

FlowerPower is an online tool to predict cereal flowering dates (or cutting dates for oats) in your location. Use this information to support decisions on variety choice and the most appropriate sowing date.

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