Soil and Land Conservation Council

Page last updated: Friday, 8 May 2020 - 2:13pm

The Soil and Land Conservation Council (Council) advises the Minister for Agriculture and Food and the Commissioner of Soil and Land Conservation on policy, management and conservation of Western Australia’s soil and land resources.

The Council is currently considering a Statewide soil health strategy, and DPIRD’s approach to sustainable agriculture research. Council anticipates advising the Minister and Commissioner on updated salinity management policy and rangeland condition monitoring standards.

The Soil and Land Conservation Act 1945 (SLC Act) is the principal legislation in Western Australia relating to the conservation of soil and land resources, and to the mitigation of the effects of erosion, salinity and flooding.

The establishment of the Soil and Land Conservation Council (Council) is prescribed by s.9 of the SLC Act, and consists of 11 members appointed by the Governor on the nomination of the Minister. Its functions are set out in s.16 of the SLC Act.

The Council’s functions

The SLCC's functions are to:

  • provide advice to the Minister on policy matters and the condition of soil and land resources
  • co-ordinate, review, monitor and advise on the implementation of soil and land conservation programs funded by the State and Commonwealth Governments
  • co-ordinate the establishment and activities within Land Conservation District Committees (LCDCs).
  • promote awareness of land degradation and conservation
  • assist the Commissioner of Soil and Land Conservation (the Commissioner) with respect to his functions under the Act.