Resources, tools and calculators for cattle and grazing management

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These tools, calculators and resources are designed to help producers manage their cattle more effectively and make better management decisions about feed budgeting and grazing. Use them in conjunction with information on feed budgeting and grazing management.


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Dealing with a dry year in the Southern Rangelends

This page provides pastoralists with information to support them in a very dry year, in the southern rangelands of Western Australia.

To hold or sell breeding cattle in the Rangelands

In a dry season where feed, water and finances are limited, removing less productive animals as soon as possible is a good option. This page provides some of the information and a process for making decisions about holding or selling breeding cattle in the rangelands.

Southern beef management for dry season

Provides information on monitoring cattle condition, feed and water requirements, welfare considerations and funding and support available during the dry season.

Breeder and heifer management for rangeland cattle

Information relating to breeder and heifer management for rangeland cattle including body condition score, heifer management and breeder management.

Managing the beef breeder herd in southern Western Australia

Key points on managing a southern beef breeder herd including critical body condition scores throughout the year and information on the reproductive cycle.

Alternative energy and protein feed sources for sheep and cattle

Key information about risks and considerations for feeding alternative/unusual energy and protein sources to sheep and cattle.

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Drought and supplementary feed calculator (NSW DPI)

Drought and supplementary feed calculator for both sheep and cattle, including feed cost and feed out time.

Beef tools and calculators
(Vic DPI)

A range of tools, resources and worksheets for feed budgeting and supplementary feeding.

Pastures from Space

Pastures from SpaceTM provides estimates of Pasture Growth Rate (PGR) and Feed on Offer (FOO) on a weekly basis across the South West Agricultural region.

Deferred grazing calculator

Deferred grazing is a tactic where stock are excluded from pasture areas to maximise germination and establishment of pasture seedlings. Use this calculator to determine how many days it will take to meet a pasture target at a particular pasture growth rate.

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Other tools and resources

Supplementary feeding

Feeding Livestock (Vic DPI)
A range of tools and resources on feeding cattle during dry times.

Drought feeding and management of beef cattle (Vic DPI)

Full handfeeding of beef cattle (NSW DPI)

Checklist for good beef cattle health and management in drought (NSW DPI)

Grain overload, acidosis, or grain poisoning in stock

Condition scoring

Critical body condition scores throughout the year

A national guide to describing and managing beef cattle in low body condition (MLA)

Paddock guide to body condition scoring (Angus Australia)

Body condition scoring for beef cattle (Future Beef)

Pasture management

Deferred grazing at the break of the season

Grazing annual pastures – using FOO as a guide

Annual pasture quality and quantity

Grazing crops for extra winter feed

Boosting winter pasture growth with nitrogen

Annual Ryegrass Toxicity

Feed on Offer (FOO) photo gallery
Photo standards for annual pastures.
Physical copies are out of print, contact your local DPIRD office.

Stock water

Water quality information for livestock

Water budgeting information for different classes of stock

Calculating farm dam (excavated earth tanks) water volume

Calculating livestock water requirements for small landholders

Animal welfare

Animal welfare resources and publications

Assessing sheep and cattle body condition for transport or sale at saleyards

Are sheep and cattle fit to load?

Welfare decisions for sheep and cattle

Humane destruction of sheep and cattle

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Resources, tools and calculators for cattle and grazing management