Spraying phenoxy herbicides

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Scheduled herbicides (hormone herbicides)

Active ingredient

Commercial product (examples) containing scheduled active ingredient


MCPA 500, Tigrex, Thistle Killem, Polo LVE


Tropotox, MCPB 400


Amicide 500, Estercide 800, 2,4-Damine 625, Pyresta, Esteron LV


Buticide, Buttress


Dicamba 200, Dicamba 500


Tordon 75D, Grazon DS, Access

Note: Triclopyr and clopyralid are hormone sprays but are not included in the regulations as they came into use after the regulations were gazetted. Duty of care applies to all products.

Bromoxynil, which is one of the actives in Jaguar, is an ester but is not a scheduled herbicide. Bromoxynil is not a phenoxy herbicide, therefore has a different mode of action. Therefore, there are no restrictions on Bromoxynil or products that contain bromoxynil such as Jaguar.

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