Pest and disease reporting and identification

Page last updated: Tuesday, 14 April 2020 - 9:20am

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Pests, diseases and weeds can pose significant threats to Western Australia's production systems. 

The Department of Agriculture and Food, Western Australia (DAFWA) encourages the reporting of pests, diseases and weeds to enable early detection.

Accurate pest, weed and disease identification is vital for appropriate pest or disease management. Most importantly it helps us identify possible new threats to agriculture and the environment.

DAFWA has developed a number of apps which can be used to report the presence of unfamiliar pests and diseases. Click on the links below to download an app, or to make an online report:

  • MyPestGuide - allows you to identify pests and report your observations. DAFWA will respond to reports within 48 hours.
  • MyWeedWatcher - identify and report declared plants and priority weeds within your community.
  • PestFax Reporter - report observations of pests and diseases in your paddocks to the Western Australian PestFax newsletter editor.

Alternatively, please contact DAFWA's Pest and Disease Information Service on 1800 084 881 or email