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The PestFax Reporter app lets you quickly and easily report observations, and request diagnoses, of pests and diseases in your crop and pasture paddocks to the PestFacts WA service.

The GRDC and DPIRD co-invested PestFacts WA service, which includes the PestFacts WA newsletter and PestFax Map, relies on your input and observations to make up the content that goes into the newsletter during the growing season. All observations are compiled by the PestFacts WA editor to keep you better informed about what is happening in your area.

We look forward to getting and responding to your reports.

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Using PestFax Reporter

The first time that you open PestFax Reporter, you will need to enter your contact details (that is, name, email address and phone number). PestFax Reporter will remember your details so that the editor always knows who you are and can get back to you if needed.

To make a report simply choose the host plant (that is, what is growing in your paddock) and the pest, disease or other problem you are reporting. If you wish, you can also add the variety of the host plant, and the severity level of the problem that you are reporting from the selection lists provided.

PestFax Reporter knows your GPS location and the current date, but you can change these manually if you want.

When you have entered the host and problem details just hit Send and your report will be submitted. Your report will be submitted immediately if you have mobile coverage, or it will submit as soon as you are in range.

If you want the PestFax editor to get back to you, you can request to be contacted via phone or email.

Features of PestFax Reporter

  • Easy registration process.
  • Quick and easy reports to the PestFax newsletter editor.
  • Up to 3 photos can be attached with your report to assist our experts with diagnosing or confirming your reported insect or disease.
  • If you like, you can request that the PestFax newsletter editor get back to you to discuss the report.
  • Reports can be made even when you don't have mobile coverage.
  • You can archive and re-send your past reports.
  • Using PestFax reporter it is easy to collect surveillance data (contact for details).

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About the PestFacts WA service

PestFacts WA (formerly PestFax) is an informative and interactive reporting service on pests and diseases threatening crops and pastures throughout the grain belt of WA. PestFacts WA is co-funded by the Grains Research and Development Corporation (GRDC) under the IPMforGrains: Best Practice Insect Pest Management project.

Regular news updates throughout the growing season provide readers with risk alerts, current information and advice.

About PestFax Reporter

The PestFax Reporter app was developed by DPIRD with support from the GRDC. A new PestFacts WA Reporter app will be released soon!



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