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Russian wheat aphids are now winged

  • Munglinup
  • Needilup
A Russian wheat aphid
A Russian wheat aphid. Photo courtesy of: DPIRD.

Russian wheat aphids (RWA) have been found on volunteer barley at Munglinup.

Entomologist Svetlana Micic (DPIRD) reports that Russian wheat aphids at Needilup, previously discussed in the 2021 PestFax Issue 2 article, are now winged and expected to move further into the WA grainbelt.

Growers are urged not to panic as this aphid is readily managed. Even though low levels of Russian wheat aphid can cause striping symptoms on plants, if you find Russian wheat aphids in your cereal crops it does not necessarily mean there will be yield loss. Trials conducted by SARDI have found the most significant correlation is the number of tillers with Russian wheat aphids and yield loss. For more information, refer to GRDC’s Russian wheat aphid page.

Growers should consider applying sprays only when threshold levels are reached. A Russian wheat aphids threshold calculator is available on GRDC’s Russian wheat aphid page

For a list of insecticides registered for use on aphids (including Russian wheat aphids), see DPIRD’s 2021 autumn winter Insecticide Guide or refer to the Australian Pesticides and Veterinary Medicines Authority (APVMA) products database for all chemical control options available for Russian wheat aphids in grains crops.

Please report any suspect detections of Russian wheat aphids, or Russian wheat aphids damage, by using DPIRD’s PestFax Reporter app.

To read about previous Russian wheat aphids activity reported this season, refer to the 2021 PestFax Issue 2 article Russian wheat aphid found in barley regrowth down south.

For more information on Russian wheat aphids, refer to the:

For more information on Russian wheat aphids, or other aphids, contact Research Scientist Svetlana Micic, Albany on +61 (0)8 9892 8591.



Article authors: Svetlana Micic (DPIRD Albany) and Cindy Webster (DPIRD Narrogin).