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Industry benchmarking survey to capture maiden ewe reproductive performance

An opportunity exists for sheep producers to contribute flock data to a Murdoch University study investigating the reproductive performance of maiden ewes. Funded by MLA, the study forms part of a larger project that is looking at improving the reproductive performance of ewes joined as lambs and hoggets.

This survey aims to identify some of the key factors influencing lamb survival in maidens from scanning through to marking. Note that maidens may be ewes joined as lambs or 1.5 year-old, depending on the producer.  

Participants will be asked to provide some information about characteristics of sheep flocks and scanning rates after scanning. Following lamb marking, participants will be contacted to collect data on number of lambs present at lambing (if known) and marking. 

Criteria for participants:

  • must be scanning maidens for multiples
  • maiden ewes must be lambed separately from adults to obtain accurate marking results.

The key benefits for farm businesses from this study will be improved benchmarks to compare the reproductive performance of your sheep against regional and national targets, and better understanding of the opportunities available to improve reproductive performance of young sheep across a range of different farming systems.

If you meet the criteria above and are interested in being involved, please contact Elise Bowen for more information.

Elise Bowen

PhD Candidate, Murdoch University

Phone: 0428 420 981