Estimating crop yield

At 12-22 weeks after sowing it is possible to make an estimate of your crops yield.

Unloading grain into a chaserbin
Havesting gm canola field
Mature wheat being harvested

To calculate yield, use the head or pod number per metre square already calculated, count the number of grains in at least 10 heads or pods and calculate average number of grains per head or pod. Do not count all large heads as this will lead to an over estimate. Estimate grain weight using the table below.

To calculate yield estimate in tonnes per hectare, use the following calculation;

([Heads per m2] multiplied by [number of grains per head] multiplied by [estimated seed weight (mg)]) divided by 100 000

Seed weights can vary markedly by district and season. The following table should be used as a guide only.

Crop Approximate seed weight (mg)
Wheat 30-45
Barley 35-45
Field peas 200-250
Lupins 150-200
Canola - hybrid 4-6
Canola - open pollinated 3-4
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