Diagnosing manganese deficiency in canola

Canola is less susceptible to manganese deficiency than cereals but it has been seen more in recently heavily limed soils.

Younger leaves develop interveinal paleness/yellowing, but veins remain green
Plants may have leaf symptoms without affecting yield

What to look for


  • Pale plants with interveinal paleness that is seen on newly limed areas.


  • The whole plant becomes paler.
  • Younger leaves develop interveinal paleness to yellowing, but veins remain green

Where does it occur?

  • As canola has an extensive network of fine feeder roots that can secrete organic acids that enhance nutrient uptake, deficiency is not common.
  • Heavy lime applications can induce deficiency in the year of application.

How can it be monitored?

  • There is no reliable soil test for manganese. Soil test manganese is generally poorly related to grain yield increase so that critical concentrations can't be determined.

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