Jackie Bucat
Development Officer (Canola)
Jackie Bucat

My role in the department

I am part of the Tactical Break Crop Agronomy Project. The current focus of this project is canola agronomy. Canola is worth over $800M to the WA economy. My role is to prepare extension messages and materials from the project research. I also produce the canola variety guide. The target output is for WA growers to have the tools to be able to profitably manage the most appropriate break crop. There have been more than 25 trials per year, from Northampton to Esperance. There have been many trial investigating seeding rate and the timing of nitrogen applications. Other areas of research are wide row spacing, aphid control, re-seeding, use of retained TT seed, time of sowing, shedding at harvest and herbicide tolerance.

Contact information

+61 (0)8 9368 3481

My background

My focus is extension and communication. I have worked across the mixed farming system and with a range of farmer groups. I also have previous experience in people management.


  • Tactical Break Crop Agronomy (DAW00227)

Key Expertise

Canola, agronomy, extension, industry development, facilitation


  • Grad Cert in Rural Systems Management (extension), University of Queensland
  • BSc in Agriculture, University of Western Australia