Canola Agronomy Research in Western Australia bulletin

Page last updated: Wednesday, 19 September 2018 - 10:48am

A new department publication presents the latest research finding for canola research in WA. The bulletin, 'Canola agronomy research in Western Australia' has been produced with support from the GRDC and includes research results from both DPIRD and CSIRO covering all aspects of canola agronomy.

The Canola Agronomy Research in Western Australia bulletin presents a summary of research results from the DPIRD Tactical break crop agronomy project. It also includes research results from the CSIRO Achieving stable and high canola agronomy across the low, medium and high-rainfall areas of WA project. These projects are both supported by co-investment from the Grains Research and Development Corporation.

Key research themes addressed in the bulletin:


  • Canola variety options
  • Time of sowing


  • Crop density
  • Establishment of canola, including row width, precision seeding and seeding depth
  • Using retained seed
  • Re-seeding poorly established canola crops


  • Timing and rates of nitrogen fertilisation
  • Low fertiliser inputs in low rainfall areas
  • Critical nutrient levels in canola


  • Yield losses to aphids
  • Herbicides use in canola
  • Direct heading canola
  • Grazing canola

The full document can be downloaded via the hyperlinked publication title under the image (above), or via the link to the document PDF (top right).

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