Canola seeding rate calculator

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Use the canola seeding rate calculator for the easiest way to calculate the seeding rate.

To calculate seeding rate, decide how many plants per square metre to have (the target density), estimate field establishment, find out the seed size (or seeds per kg) and germination percentage.

Feed this information into the online seeding rate calculator or a hand held calculator, to get the seeding rate.

Enter your data to calculate the seeding rate.

Refer to the companion page Canola seeding rate information for information about selecting suitable density targets and field establishment. Also refer to this page for information to do calculations using a hand held calculator, instead of this online version.

The seed size (number of seeds per kg) is supplied for all purchased canola seed, either on the bag or available from the seed supplier. For any retained open pollinated seed, refer to Estimating the size of retained canola seed for assistance to estimate the seed size.

Canola target density usually between 20 and 80 plants/m2
Canola seed usually between 170,000-400,000 seeds per kg
Please enter germination as a percentage. Use a number between 0 and 100.
Please enter field establishment as a percentage. Use a number between 0 and 100.
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